Family seeks information on missing man as search continues

He’s been missing for several weeks, and was last seen in Switzer Village.

Family members and volunteers searching for a man reported missing several weeks ago are seeking information on his last known position or communications.

Clifford John K. White, 29, was reported missing after being out of contact for several weeks, said Davina Merchant, White’s cousin, who’s involved with the search.

“I would love to find out the last known ping of where he was. It would be more helpful. His last known phone call,” Merchant said. “Somebody’s seen him, talked to him, but no one’s come forward to say this is where he was at.”

White’s last confirmed location was in Switzer Village, Merchant said.

“This isn’t like him to be gone, to be missing for this long. It’s been a month. It’s been a little over a month now,” Merchant said. “It’s hard, not knowing where the heck he was, and what his mind state was. He had depression, losing his mom a year ago.”

Volunteers have been searching and hanging flyers for White, Merchant said, checking the Switzer area as well as trails and downtown areas.

“He’s missing and we need to find him. I appreciate the help. So does the family,” Merchant said. “I want to find him. I want to give him a big hug and let him know he’s cared for.”

White is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and has dark hair. Merchant estimates that he’s somewhat skinnier than the photo posted by Juneau Police Department, at approximately 160 pounds.

Anyone with information or seeking to help is asked to contact Merchant at 907-500-2842 or the Juneau Police Department at 907-586-0600. Anyone with a tip wishing to remain anonymous can submit information at