Firefighters knock down small wildfire

A small wildland fire in the hills above Shirley Court appears to have been started by some sort of accelerant, Homer Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bob Painter said on Wednesday. HVFD firefighters responded and put out a wildland fire behind Homer High School that started about 11:30 a.m. Monday morning, Sept. 18. The fire was near the cross-country running trails but did not threaten the high school.

Firefighters had to drag hose lines up the hill behind a home to get at the fire. The fire burned in several downed trees and caught other trees on fire, but did not spread quickly.

“Without a month of rain it would have been completely different,” Painter said.

Painter said officials won’t investigate the fire further, but if someone has information on the fire that would be forwarded to Homer Police. People who might have information on the fire can call the fire department at 235-3155 or Homer Police at 235-3150.

Firefighters knock down small wildfire