Fritz Creek postal box customers must arrange new mail service by April 30

A July 6 fire severely damaged the historic Fritz Creek General Store and USPS mail center

Fritz Creek box holders who have been using temporary accommodations in Homer since a fire destroyed the community’s post office last year will need to make permanent mail service changes by April 30, Homer’s U.S. Postal Service office announced early this month.

On March 1, Homer USPS posted a notice above the temporary boxes stating that the Homer site has offered the best they can to accommodate the transition since a July 6 fire severely damaged the historic Fritz Creek General Store and USPS mail center. Those measures included waiving Fritz Creek postal box fees and housing customers in Homer. However, as of April 30, all Fritz Creek box addresses will cease to exist.

There are two options available for Fritz Creek customers. They can acquire a Homer post office box with applications available at the front counters. Three-month pay periods are available online for $66. Boxes are also available for six- or 12-month rates. Alternatively, customers can set up mail service for street delivery. Sign up for this option is also available at the customer counters.

All Fritz Creek box holders need to provide a change of address form. Mail will not be held or available in any other form, the notice said.

A final notice and reminder will be provided in early April but customers are encouraged to begin making appropriate changes to ensure that mail flow is not interrupted.

Acting Postmaster Catherine Knott noted that many customers have already made the transfer to a Homer address but the postal service hasn’t been able to specifically calculate how many have converted.

Homer’s post office has a total of 13 employees including clerks, carriers, a supervisor and postmaster.