Grant helps make beautiful music

Ah, the sweet sound of philanthropy … 

Thanks to the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee for granting The Homer Youth String Orchestra Club funds to purchase new sheet music. Due to the generosity of individual donors to the Youth Advisory Committee, the Ashley J. Logan Fund, and the Sheldon Youth to Youth Fund, 15 enthusiastic young musicians are now playing a great variety of new music.  

Chosen for its accessibility to audiences and the challenge it would provide to the musicians, the pieces include 16th century Renaissance dance music by Tielman, a march by Tchaikovsky, a Fan Dance by Korean-American composer Soon Hee Newbold, as well as music from contemporary American composer Brian Balmages.

This generous gift will be treasured not only this season, but also added to our library for future use.  Please come and share the joy of music at our Winter Concert, scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 5, at 2 p.m. at the Friendship Center. And stay tuned … you will be hearing more great music in the months to come thanks to our fantastic community.

Kara Clemens

Program administrator

Homer Youth String Orchestra Club