Grants target students’ health

On behalf of Homer Flex staff and students, I want to thank the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown and the Homer Foundation for their generous grant to our school, dedicated to our students’ health.

This grant supported our healthy lifestyles program. The money purchased healthy snacks and transportation to and fees for rental of physical education (PE) venues. In addition, we were able to use funds remaining at the end of the year to pay for a portion of our field trip to Seward where students hiked at Exit Glacier, a culminating PE experience.

Homer Flex cannot provide enough healthy food or healthy physical education without the generous help from our community partners.  We appreciate the opportunity to receive these gifts from the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown through the Homer Foundation and thank you for the service you have provided us.  What a positive contribution you have made to our program this year. Thank you.

Karen Wessel for the Homer Flex 

Students and Staff