Homer City Council election

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, elections will be held for Homer City Council, Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly District 9 and the Kenai Peninsula Borough Board of Education District 8. To help inform voters, the Homer News will introduce the candidates, show their answers to a group of questions and give them an opportunity to make their pitch on why you should elect them. This week, we introduce the candidates, reprinting the statements they provided to the borough and the city.

Absentee in person voting begins Sept. 20 at the Homer City Clerk’s office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Applications for voting by mail must be received by Sept. 28. To apply for an absentee ballot, visit www.elections.alaska.gov.

Election Day is 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Homer City Council

Three seats are up for election this year: two three-year seats currently held by council member Donna Aderhold and Heath Smith, and the last year of a seat held by former council member Joey Evensen. For the two, three-year seats, the top two vote getters are elected. For the one-year seat, the winner is elected. Incumbent council member Heath Smith is running for the one-year seat against Jason Davis, who was appointed by the council to fill out Evensen’s term until the election.

The Homer Chamber of Commerce is hosting a candidate forum with the five Homer City Council candidates at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 16 at Land’s End in the Quarter Deck room. The Q&A session will also be broadcast live on the chamber website at www.homeralaska.org and on KBBI radio. The Quarter Deck has limited seating available, and guests are required to follow state and CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

The event will be moderated by president of the Homer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Tom Soderholm. Community members were encouraged to submit questions for the candidates at exdir@homeralaska.org. For more information, contact the chamber at 907-235-7740 or info@homeralaska.org.

The candidates are:

Two, Three-year seats

Donna Aderhold, incumbent

Shelly Erickson

Adam Hykes

One-year seat

Heath Smith, incumbent (but running for the 1-year seat)

Jason Davis, appointed

Three-year seat

Donna Aderhold

Contact information: 907-244-4388; donnagrace99@gmail.com

Occupation: Wildlife Biologist

Family (spouse, children): spouse: J. Wayne Aderhold; stepchildren: Holly Brennan and Kasey Aderhold

Residency in Alaska: 31 years

Education: M.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Texas A&M University

Political and governmental experience: Homer City Council, 2015-present; Homer Americans with Disabilities Act; Compliance Committee, 2016-present; Homer Public Works Campus Task Force, January-August 2021

Business and professional experience: Program Coordinator, Gulf Watch Alaska Program, Prince William Sound Science Center, 2016-present; Principal Scientist, HDR, 2007-2016; Senior Wildlife Ecologist, HLA/MACTEC, 1998-2007

Service organization memberships: The Wildlife Society, Certified Wildlife Biologist; Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Community Council Member; Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, Board of Directors

Candidate Statement: I have appreciated the opportunity to serve you on the Homer City Council for the past six years. I’m running for reelection and again seeking the support of Homer voters.

I believe in objectively evaluating issues that come before city council by thoroughly reviewing available information, hearing from professionals, and receiving public input. My votes are guided by what I believe is the best long term course of action for the City of Homer.

While people who know me well will say that I’m interested in crafting good public policy for our city, the topics that catch my attention most often concern improving accessibility of city-owned properties, addressing climate change, conserving our environment, and ensuring that we maintain a robust small-business-based economy. The thoughts and concerns of Homer’s citizens will continue to guide and influence my work, because our people are the most important part of this amazing place.

You may find me walking or bicycling through Homer and I invite you to stop me to chat about what you think is best for the city. Truly, your concerns are the best guide I have in doing my job as a councilperson.

Shelly Erickson

Contact information: shellyhro31@gmail.com

Occupation: Small Business owner

Family: Spouse: Jeff

3 adult children plus spouses, 5 grandchildren

Residency: since 1959

Education: Homer High School & BA in Church Music from Northwest College.

Political and governmental experience: Economic and Development commission, Planning commission and City Council.

Business and professional experience: Music teacher (school and private lessons), Homer Tours Inc., and HomeRun Oil Co Inc. Bookkeeping along with all the other duties to make the businesses successful.

Service Organizations: Church on the Rock Homer, Snomads, Chamber of Commerce and many other areas of service throughout the years where needed.

Candidate statement: I come from a 5 generation Homer family. I have served the City of Homer on the Economic Development and Planning Commissions. I also have been on the council.

It takes hard work and dedication to build and maintain successful businesses. I have used those skills with my time that I have dedicated to the City of Homer in various positions. I have a desire to continue to serve my community. I appreciate your support.

Adam Hykes

Contact information: 907-419-7096; adamhykes@protonmail.com


Family (spouse, children):

Residency in Alaska:


Political and governmental experience:

Business and professional experience:

Service organization memberships:

Candidate statement: I am 31 years old, happily married for 3 years to my wife, and ecstatic with my 5 month old daughter. I currently work as a Behavioral Health Assistant at Set Free Alaska helping people to rebuild their lives.

Most people know me as Sushi Adam from the SaveUmore Deli, where I oversaw production for a year. I started my own business doing parties in people’s homes, teaching them how to make their own sushi. I’m also taking business/accounting classes at Kachemak Bay Campus, and I’m half way to a 2 year degree. I know how to wisely handle money: I do it with my own family, and I’ll do the same for you.

In my short time working for the State of Alaska, I poured out my heart to help the people and businesses of Homer through the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the same way, I will continue to serve the people of Homer wholeheartedly.

Most importantly, I also learned how to work alongside people with whom I strongly disagree. Yet, I don’t consider them opponents merely because we see things differently. In order to get the job done, one has to work together with people across the ideological spectrum, and that’s what I’ll do for you. The issues that face us are too important, and require someone who can reason and discuss, without disrespecting or insulting those who disagree.

Even if we disagree, that doesn’t mean we’re divided.

I am here to serve you: The People of Homer.

One-year seat

Jason Davis

Contact information: 907-690-1786; jasondavis63@gmail.com

Occupation: small business owner (winery & tasting room on Main Street in Homer)

Family: Spouse: Matthew Smith; children: Ella, age 15; Catherine, age 11; Carter, age 11

Residency in Alaska: Attended grades 1-12 in Kasilof and Soldotna. Maintained legal Alaska residency during 24 years of federal government service overseas. Moved back to Homer in summer of 2017.

Education: B.Sc. in Biology from Biola University

Political and governmental experience: U.S. Consul-General in Dubai, 2003-2006. Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy to Malta, 2007-2010. Homer Planning Commission, 2019- 2020.

Business and professional experience: Owner and operator of winery and tasting room on Main Street in Homer.

Service organization memberships: Pratt Museum board member (2018-present).

Candidate statement: As a small business owner, I aim to work with other council members to ensure that Homer remains a place that welcomes and encourages entrepreneurial risk-taking and promotes the success of small businesses, while also ensuring the livability and environmental health of the city for all its residents.

Heath Smith

Contact Information: 570 Lee Drive

Homer, AK 99603



Occupation: United Parcel Service (UPS) 24 years

Family: Tara (spouse), Myra (Moto, Josiah), Elsie, Lilly, Kian, Caitlin and Byron (Children)

Residency in Alaska: Began at birth—56 years.

Education: B.A. International Relations and Affairs

Political and governmental experience: Six years member of Homer City Council. Four years city council advisor to the Economic Development Advisory Commission. Completed Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness offered in cooperation with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Business and professional experience: Have owned two small business’ in the City of Homer.

Service organization memberships: ASAA (Alaska Schools Activities Association) certified official and coach. Past service as the president of the Homer Softball Association for eight years. Past service as the vice president of the Jack Gist Recreational Park Association (501c3) for two years.

Candidate Statement: Homer is a remarkable place to call home, and it’s been a tremendous honor serving this community over the last six years as a council member. While much has been accomplished, there remains a number of important policy and infrastructure issues on the horizon that I would like to continue to work on with council and, most importantly, you! I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election on October 5th.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Shelly Erickson

Shelly Erickson

Heath Smith

Heath Smith

Donna Aderhold

Donna Aderhold