Homer’s 1st baby of 2023: Michaya Boone

Boone was born at 8:01 p.m. on Jan. 4, earning the honor of first Homer baby of 2023.

Michaya Boone was born at 8:01 p.m. on Jan. 4, earning the honor of first Homer baby of 2023. She and her family received a basket of gifts from South Peninsula Hospital and various business in the community.

Born to Fractal Mic and Tenaya Boone, Michaya weighed 6.14 pounds and measured 19 inches.

The baby’s arrival on the 4th was a surprise to the family.

“We had no idea! We thought someone else would be first. Her due date wasn’t until January 20th. We were definitely surprised,” Fractal Mic said.

On the day the baby was born, Tenaya said she was explaining to her 6-year-old son, Draven, that she had 16 days left before the baby’s due date, but could have her anytime.

“Then, an hour after we dropped him off, my water broke. So, he definitely jinxed us,” she said.

The parents both work at Best Western, where Fractal Mic is the kitchen manager and Tenaya works at the office front desk. On Jan. 4, Fractal Mic had just clocked into work and Tenaya was about to go upstairs to get pancakes when she told him, “I think my water broke!,” he said.

They reported that the hospital experience was really good; there were very few other people there.

“It was nice. Everyone on the staff was great, it was a very good experience. (Tenaya) did great and Michaya was born nice and healthy,” Fractal Mic said.

“We definitely have to give the hospital some due credit,” he said. “They were friendly and kind, put up with all my bad jokes as I was trying to keep her entertained.”

He said he wanted to thank local businesses who provided gifts to the family.

“They helped in a big, big way and it really means a lot to us.”

Gifts from the community included: a bassinet from Northwind, a growth chart from the Homer Bookstore, stuffed animal and bib from the Wagon Wheel, and a variety of other baby items from Oodallolly, Ulmer’s, Sprout, South Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary and staff.

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