It’s time for Cabin fever variety show

The long-running Cabin Fever Variety Show in Anchor Point will take place on Saturday, Jan. 30 beginning at 7 p.m. at Chapman School.

The event will raise money toward the Anchor Point Public Library building’s purchase with the talent show and a silent dessert auction, said Anchor Point Public Library director Lora Craig.

Board president Bob Craig and library director Lora, his wife, currently own the building. The money raised by the variety show will allow the library to purchase it from the private owners. Bob will give a short update on the progress of the library purchase as well.

The library is important to the community of Anchor Point, as it is one of the few public places in the area for people to access the Internet or use computers, Lora said. In addition to computer and Internet use, the library has local daily and weekly newspapers to read. 

“Its important for people to know what’s going on,” Lora said. “More and more people are stopping long enough to read the paper. I’ve been registering about five people a day reading the paper.”

For people in the community, the library fills a lot of gaps through technology. For instance, patrons can accomplish important tasks, such as applying for jobs, which would be otherwise difficult for those with limited or no Internet access from home.

“We’re a small community, and some people don’t have access to the electronic age except through the library,” said Mary Perry, treasurer of the Anchor Point Public Library board.

Aside from checking out books, the library also has DVDs and VHS tapes to check out, which is useful in an area without a video rental store. The library is slowly trading in their VHS tapes for DVDs, as the former is on the edge of becoming obsolete. However a few people in the area still check out the VHS tapes, Perry said.

“People who are looking for something to check out for their own entertainment can get something to watch at home. That’s a pretty popular item at the library,” Perry said.

The variety show itself should be an interesting show, with acts ranging from music to poetry to humorous readings. 

“Most of them are repeat performers, either from last year or previous years. One of our performers who gives piano lessons has a couple of students who are going to play and they haven’t performed before. And the poetry reader, Adriane Appelhanz, is new,” Perry said.

Volunteers will provide the desserts for the silent auction, which in the past has included cakes, pies, sometimes cheesecakes, or even homemade fudge. 

“We’ve always had really good response with people donating delicious baked goods,” Perry said.

The silent auction will start as guests arrive before the show and will run through intermission, Perry said. During the second half of the show, the winners will be announced a couple at a time in between acts.

“I hope lots of people come out,” Perry said. “It’s a fun night of getting together with friends and neighbors, enjoying a good show, and maybe getting a good dessert to go home with.”

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Cabin Fever

Variety Show

When: 7-9:30 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 30 


Chapman School


$15 for a family (no limit on the number of people)

$10 for single adults

$5 for kids 6-12


Jack Will and Sue Biggs: vocal and instrumental


Ukelele group: Ukelele music and possibly vocal


Aurora, Silas and Sarah Firth: vocal and instrumental 


Piano students of Sarah Firth: instrumental 


Adriane Appelhanz: reading of original poetry


Betty Jo Goddard: humorous reading


Mary Perry: humorous reading


Seaside Singers: sing-along and acapella singing 


Bob Craig: power point presentation on library progress

It’s time for Cabin fever variety show
It’s time for Cabin fever variety show
It’s time for Cabin fever variety show
It’s time for Cabin fever variety show