Lazy Sun Tanning and Tours to close, but building to get new life as B&B or rental in Anchor Point

The eye-catching Anchor Point landmark on the corner of the Sterling Highway and North Fork Road is about to go away. On July 1, Sharon Carrico is closing the doors of Lazy Sun Tanning and Tours and the blue building, with each side covered in figures painted by Anchor Point artist Bill Cummings, will be relocated.

“I’ve been here (in this building) 11 years and turned 62 last year,” said Carrico of reasons for deciding to make a change in her life. “I’m going to take myself on the road and do craft fairs, Saturday markets and go fishing. It’s time.”

When news began to spread through the area that Carrico was closing shop, new homes for everything, from the building to its contents, have been found. One of the tanning beds will be installed in the New Image Salon and the owners plan to have that operating by July 1. 

Carrico’s health food-type items have gone to Anchor Point Natural Foods. Other parts of her inventory have gone to other Anchor Point businesses.

“The rest will be with me wherever I go for craft fairs and Saturday markets,” she said. “Other than that, everything is staying in the community.” 

That includes the building, which has been purchased by Francis “Buddy” Risinger, who plans to move it to a piece of property north of Anchor Point, off the Sterling Highway. After some remodeling, it will serve as a bed and breakfast or rental.

The exterior of the building, which measures about 20-feet-by-24-feet, stands out for the artwork by Anchor Point artist Bill Cummings. Each side features something different and unique from Cummings’ imagination. Two stark white figures curved around other shapes catch the eyes of
motorists entering Anchor Point from the north.

Totemic-type faces done mostly in white, black and red, dominate much of the structure. Borders outline the business name on the front and surround the window and door. Four large round shapes are spread across the south side. Even the back of the building, which is barely visible, is covered with more of Cummings’ creative renderings.

“This is his work of art,” said Carrico.
“I wanted the artwork to stay intact and people wanted it to stay.”

Risinger has no problem with keeping the exterior of the building just the way it is. In fact, he plans to have Cummings touch up one side that “gets all the weather and is in sad shape,” Risinger told the Homer News.

“It’s a perfect candidate for turning into a nice B&B or rental,” said Risinger.

He has lined up help to move the building and relocate it on a piling foundation. A septic system is in place and a 500-gallon tank will provide water until Risinger can have a well installed. 

Putting his carpenter skills to work, Risinger plans to turn the two tanning rooms into a bathroom and utility room. 

He’ll section off one area for a bedroom and use an office area in the front of the building for a smaller bedroom just the right size to accommodate bunk beds. 

“It’ll sleep six by the time I’m done,” he said.

To finish it off, he plans to add a deck around the building.

“I think everything’s going to work out great,” said Risinger, who hopes to have the work done by mid-July or the first part of August.

Anyone who purchased a card for Lazy Sun’s tanning beds is urged to use them before it’s too late.

“As long as I’m here, you can use them,” she said. “The beds will be here until the end of June.”

After that, Carrico will close the doors and begin a new chapter in her life.

“I want the community to know I appreciate being here all these years and being supported so nicely,” she said. “Anchor Point makes me proud to have lived here. Keep on keeping on.”

For information about tanning bed cards and remaining minutes, Carrico can be reached at 399-4183.

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“I’ve been here (in this building) 11 years and turned 62 last year. I’m going to take myself on the road and do craft fairs, Saturday markets and go fishing. It’s time. I want the community to know 

I appreciate being here all these years and being supported so nicely. Anchor Point makes me proud to have lived here. 

Keep on keeping on.”

— Sharon Carrico of Lazy Sun Tanning and Tours