Letters to the Editor

Wide berth, Homer!

I knew that would get your attention. I’m going to share with you some in depth research. For the last 50 plus years, whether I’m biking, running, walking or pushing a stroller, I see some pretty bad behavior from people operating vehicles. Little or no respect for the humans sharing our roadways and sidewalks. I have witnessed many vehicles nearly cause a major accident or nearly go off the road to avoid a squirrel or dog, but then blast by their fellow human. It blows my mind.

It takes approximately (and I’ve counted), 4-6 seconds to 1) slow down, 2) go around, in a wide berth, 3) avoid hitting me and 4) be on your merry way. You would not be losing 4-6 seconds of your life, you would be gaining the opportunity to not throw a rock or other road debris from your tire into my head. Worse yet, hit me with your car. It’s happened and it hurts. When there is no bike trail, the roadway lane is mine / ours to share. Please pass bikers, runners, walkers, s-l-o-w-l-y and give a wide berth is all I ask.

Stephanie Green

Thanks for July 4 parade success

The Homer Chamber of Commerce &Visitor Center would like to extend kudos and a very warm thank you to all the amazing volunteers and public servants who made the July 4th Parade a smashing success. Many accolades to the Parade participants with more than 40 entries and parade attendees of all ages who lined Pioneer Avenue.

The parade was led by Grand Marshals Rita-Jo and Leroy Shoultz in a helicopter with Eric Lee and Kirsten Rasmussen of Alaska Ultimate Safaris.

Bay Realty was parade headquarters with a special thank you to Debbie Leisek for providing the perfect balcony for viewing the parade. Tom Stroozas, past chamber board president, was the master of ceremonies and the judges were Kayh Fisk, Diana Rauh and Rachel Lugo-Sena from the Parade Key Sponsor Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Thank you to the other Parade sponsors the Alibi Bar &Cafe, Don Jose’s Restaurant, Nomar, Spenard Builders Supply, Ulmer’s Drug &Hardware, and Serendipity Event Rentals.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to our local Homer Police Department, Homer Volunteer Fire Department and Kachemak Emergency Services for taking time out of their busy schedule to take part in the parade; and Homer Public Works for the use of their road barricades for the “Volunteer Blockers &Stoppers” to ensure safety during the parade. Thank you to our awesomely fabulous volunteers Megumi Beams, Bob Neubauer and Olaf Ring, and our Official Photographer Karen Howorth.

Homer is known to have one of the best 4th of July Parades. The Homer Chamber was proud to celebrate this major community event with the parade theme of “Homer in Bloom – City of Peonies” which locals and visitors alike from all over the world enjoyed immensely.

Bridget Maryott

Marketing Coordinator

Aye and thank you for Scottish Highland Games

To those who turned out on a blustery Saturday to enjoy the Scottish tradition of throwing large things, a hardy thank you and I hope you enjoyed the day. These games go back centuries to test strength and ability.

Thank you to the athletes who traveled to Homer and the ones representing our area. It was great fun and many field records were broken.

We could not attempt to organize the Homer Highland Games without the many volunteers and generous sponsors. I would like to recognize Mike Warburton at the Ocean Shores Motel, Kate Mitchell at NOMAR, Mel Strydom at the Grog Shop, Nancy Hillstrand at Coal Point Seafood as major supporters of the Homer Games. A great thank you to Roger Mac Campbell, Kevin Walker, Shelly Fraley for help on the game field, score keeper Angie Otteson and Hannah Stearns, Hal Shepherd and Renee Krause for all the hard work helping organizing the event. A huge thanks to Dave Brann and Deb Lowney who survived after working the youth games all day and Samantha Cunningham who introduced us to LARPers, (Live Action Roll Players).

On behalf of the Kachemak Bay Scottish Club, I thank everyone who came out and we are looking forward to the seventh annual games next year.

Robert Archibald


Kachemak Bay Scottish Club

Hospice of Homer extends thanks

Hospice of Homer would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make last Saturday’s 8th annual Holes for Hospice fundraiser a success. This event brought in more $8,000 to help support the compassionate services we provide to our community, year-round and free of charge. Thank you to all our generous sponsors and golfers, our HOH executive director and board of directors, and the caring community volunteers who invested their time, energy and resources into this event. Finally, this could not have happened without the help and support of Esa and Scott Woodland and The Tips golf course. Many thanks for providing the perfect venue, freshly mown greens and fairways, tables and chairs, barbecue grill, assistance setting up sponsor signs, expert advice on how to grill great dogs, and ordering up the near-perfect weather we all enjoyed. Thanks to all. Hope to see you next year!

Beth Graber

President, Hospice of Homer Board of Director

To the ‘media’

I would, if it were possible, measure the honesty and depth of thought of those in the Liberal Media in centimeters. I find that is not possible because those centimeters are not small enough. The lies and hypocrisy, though, can be measured in fathoms and furlongs, the nastiness in megatons.

It seems, as of late, that the Liberal Mainstream Media is overrun with pseudo journalists who are causing a bit of turmoil. The media is the victim of a system of Federal Aid to Education that is supporting an imbalance of very liberal professors involved in the dark business of molding society as they believe it should be. I can’t blame them as much as I blame the system of education in which they had to traverse. They, in most cases, were taught to think like the professor in order to obtain an “A” in their class. They were not, and never will be, taught to think for themselves under the education system as it exists today.

Oil, steel and railroad barons, in the Liberal mind, have always been “Evil Capitalists.” Is a Media Baron to be held to a different standard than an Oil Baron? I believe that they should be, not because the Media Baron should have a First Amendment protection, but because they can do so much more harm to this nation than any group of Oil Barons. A media with the sole intent of forming public opinion is, in my mind, noting more than a propaganda machine. It worked well for the Nazis. It brought out the mobs …?

Charles D. Graham,

Fritz Creek

Thanks for Girl’s State support

At the beginning of June, I got the opportunity to participate in Auxiliary Girl’s State in Wasilla, thanks to Post 16 here in Homer. The event is a week-long camp for high school girls who just finished their junior year to learn about the way the American government operates. Participants were divided into two parties (Frontier and Colonist), as well into House and Senate, where they learn how to write and pass a bill. Each participant was required to run for an office of their choice: governor, lieutenant governor, one of two senators and a representative. We also were visited by a variety of different guest speakers, including a Lowe’s manager, the mayor of Wasilla, and a former lieutenant governor.

But Girl’s State gave more opportunities than to learn about the workings of the Alaska government. Participants had the opportunity to get involved in a choir, act as a color guard for special events, plan an ice cream social or take pat in a talent show. The students involved were from locations across the state, from Fairbanks and North Pole to Ketchikan and Juneau and everywhere in between. We came from a wide variety of backgrounds, and yet the majority of us managed to become friends during our week together, I enjoyed my time at Girl’s State, and I would like to thank the American Legion Auxiliary Post 16 here in Homer for giving me this opportunity that I like would not otherwise had.

Briea Gregory