Letters to the Editor 20161229

State, nation could accomplish

more if leaders followed Seaton

Referencing the Dec. 15 article GOP sanctions Seaton, others:

Back in the 1960s we saw bumper stickers “My country right or wrong” and “Love it or leave it” — some people did leave. It was a divided time filled with turmoil not unlike our present time. Therefore, it was refreshing to see someone take the courage to reach out across the aisle and help form a bipartisan coalition in the Alaskan House.

Several letters to the editor commended Paul Seaton District 31 representative for joining other Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents to form a new 22 seat House majority. The goal is to become fiscally responsible, take action and get something done — which has not been the rule either state wide or nationally.

Now once again we hear the GOP has voted to sanction these independents, basically saying they’ve turned their backs on the party. Instead of seeing what could be accomplished by cooperation and setting aside party affiliations for the benefit of the whole state, they will squabble, vent and criticize. When President Obama won the elections the goal of the GOP announced that their goal was to defeat him from the very beginning. We need more people like Paul Seaton who put the real issues out there and want to solve them.

I don’t like taxes that much but feel that a state income tax would give everyone “skin in the game.” It would not impact the lower income people more than upper income folks like a statewide sales tax would. I feel Paul is a conservative individual and would work toward cutting back on some programs or improve efficiency to get the most product from each dollar spent. That is what fiscal responsibility is about.

We’ve been blessed with a permanent dividend thanks to the wisdom of people like Jay Hammond, but we must also take responsibility and fund our government so that it can function to provide education, roads, infrastructure, protection, and health care and wise leadership. Taxes help pay for those things and we must all do our part to chip in. Jay Hammond also noted that an income tax also gives you a voice in government as you are contributing some of your hard-earned money so you want it to be used wisely.

In what is probably his last press conference, President Obama noted that being divided makes us vulnerable. So why not join forces and start talking to one another and solve problems rather than worry about labels?

Good luck, Paul Seaton, and I wish you the very best in your efforts with the coalition.

Michael Murray

Sanding was great Christmas gift

We have lived on Mountain View Drive for over 25 years. I just want to give a big “Thank You” for the sanding early Christmas Day by the city sanding truck.

We were able to get to church and have a wonderful time because of the dedicated city workers who sacraficed their Christmas at home to allow all the rest of us a great day.

We have never been let down by the city’s road maintenance in the winter. For the past 35 years we have lived here. Homer rocks!

Doug and Gloria Stuart

Anonymous candy grams
for holiday lights appreciated

Homer folks do kind things during the holidays for their friends and neighbors.

We wanted to thank the anonymous folks who left the candy gram award for awesome Christmas lights on our doorstep. We heard of other folks who got candy grams for holiday lights. It was a lovely surprise and we so appreciated the effort!

Here’s hoping 2017 is a kind year and brings you all you deserve!

Tim and Sharon Minsch

K-Bay Marines create great event

A huge thank you goes to the K-Bay Marines who sponsored the Christmas Eve Skate at the Kevin Bell Arena.

This free community event was enjoyed by hundreds who also donated food to the Homer Community Food Pantry. Also, thanks to the volunteers who helped Santa create a magical event enjoyed by our community during this holiday season.

Jan Rumble for the

Homer Hockey Association and Kevin Bell Arena