Man arrested for trying to get into woman’s van

A Homer woman had a brief scare late last month when Homer Police said a drunk man tried to get into her van parked at a Pioneer Avenue church. Police arrested David Craig, 21, for fourth-degree assault and attempted second-degree criminal trespass. Police said Craig had a preliminary breath-test result of .189, more than twice the legal limit of .08 for driving under the influence.

According to a criminal complaint by Officer Larry Baxter, a woman parked in her van by Refuge Chapel Sunday, Sept. 29, made a 911 call about 7:10 a.m. that a man tried to get into her van. The 911 operator said the woman was upset and panicked, Baxter wrote. When Baxter arrived, he saw a woman in the van and a man trying to open the passenger side door. The man, identified as Craig, was so drunk he was almost unintelligible, Baxter wrote. When asked why he was trying to get into the van, Craig said something about a ride, Baxter said.

The woman told Baxter she had gone to Refuge Chapel to do some work before Sunday morning services. She bent over to pick up something on the van’s floor, and when she looked up saw a man standing by her passenger side window. He started pulling on the door handle and trying to open the door, she told Baxter. She told him to leave multiple times without success, Baxter said she reported. The woman was terrified and feared the man meant to hurt her, Baxter wrote.

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