No one injured, one man arrested in second armed home invasion

Homer Police this week arrested a man in another armed home invasion, the second this month. 

No one was injured in an incident about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in which police allege James Peltier, 57, of Anchor Point man entered a Lakeside Drive home with a shotgun and then chased after two men who ran out of the house. Peltier fired the gun in the air “to make a point,” police said.

The three officers who responded disarmed Peltier and made sure the two men and two women inside the house were safe.

“We got two of these in a row, and you’re going, jeez, what’s going on?” said Homer Police Chief Mark Robl.

Like an incident earlier this month on Dec. 2 in which an armed man entered an East End Road home and threatened a man and two women, Robl said Peltier knew the men and women. One woman was Peltier’s daughter, and Robl said Peltier alleged his daughter was involved with drug users and he wanted to do something about it.

“They’re no laughing matter. They’re violent crimes,” Robl said. “I’m grateful they’re not committed by strangers. That would crank it up a notch.”

Peltier was charged with one count of first-degree burglary, a class B felony, four counts of third-degree assault, a class C felony, fourth-degree misconduct involving a weapon, and driving under the influence. In charging documents filed by Homer Police Officer Charles Worland, Worland said Peltier had a .157 breath-alcohol content.

Peltier also drove his Toyota truck into the house. 

Robl said Peltier came into the house and confronted the men. The men took off running and Peltier fired a shot into the air south toward Beluga Lake. Peltier didn’t threaten his daughter, Robl said. Another woman in the house hid in a closet. One of the men who ran called 911 and Worland and two other officers responded. They secured the two men. The daughter then came out and also was secured.

Peltier then came out of the house and complied with police orders that he get down on his knees, the criminal complaint said. Worland said that Peltier admitted shooting off a shotgun round and also talking about how those “tweekers” run.

Robl said none of the victims involved are under investigation by Homer Police. Peltier also didn’t file any complaints about the people involved in the incident.

In the case of an armed home invasion or confrontation, Robl advised that if people have the chance to safely run away, they should.

“If they don’t and get cornered, they should follow the (armed) person’s commands, and try to stay calm and don’t make any aggressive acts against the person with the gun,” he said.

Peltier is at the Homer Jail. He has a bail hearing at 5 p.m. today.

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