PFD amount announced for 2013

Acting Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell announced Wednesday that the 2013 permanent fund dividend (PFD) will be $900. Applications from 670,865 Alaskans were received, a decrease of approximately 7,000 applications from 2012.

The first dividends will be paid Oct. 3, when approximately 507,000 applicants will receive a direct deposit into their bank account, and 86,000 will be mailed a check. Paper checks will enter the U.S. mail system on Oct. 3 from Juneau.

More than $484 million will be directly deposited into Alaskans’ bank accounts this year, with a total distribution, including checks, of $576,225,723.51. Beginning October 24, and continuing monthly thereafter, applications that become eligible will be paid by either check or direct deposit.

Alaskans wondering about their payment status, the division has upgraded its online PFD information page for applicants called “myPFDInfo.” The online portal features enhanced security, clearly displayed application status for current and prior year dividends, and easy to navigate solutions for providing the division with requested information. To use this feature, go online to and click on the blue “myPFDInfo” button.

The Pick.Click.Give. program had 26,093 applicants go online and pledge 41,831 individual charitable contributions, amounting to approximately $2.5 million, the highest totals since the program began five years ago. 472 nonprofit organizations benefited from the voluntary program this year.

431,850 Alaskans chose the e1099 income statement this year, 67.5 percent of all estimated 2013 payments. An email explaining how to obtain the e1099 statement will be sent out the week of Sept. 30.

This year marks the 32nd dividend paid to Alaskans. An individual who qualified for all of the permanent fund dividends to date has received $35,143.41. Following the 2013 dividend payment, the total funds disbursed to Alaskans by the division, including the resource rebate, since inception of the dividend program will total more than $20.7 billion.