Share the Spirit urges: Apply now

If your household is in need and you would like to apply for a holiday basket, time is running out. The deadline for the Share the Spirit applications is Friday, Dec. 13. Please don’t delay. Go to a human service agency, where you, or a member of your family, receive assistance. Or speak to your pastor, they will help you fill out an application. 

If you live across the bay, call or visit your public health nurse or public health aide. They are handling all applications in your area. More information can be found by calling the Share the Spirit information line at 235-7466. 

Now, hurry. This community is wonderful and wants to help you at this special time of year, but you have to take the first step: Complete an application and drop it off at Wells Fargo Bank by 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 13. 

Remember to … Share the Spirit,

Jayne Locklar, president; Kelly Glidden, vice president; and Shari Daugherty, basket co-chair

Share the Spirit