Superintendent, principal learn all about pie in eye

Two Chapman School students covered the faces of Chapman School Principal Conrad Woodhead and Kenai Peninsula School District Superintendent Sean Dusek in whipped topping on Tuesday, January 19 — without being reprimanded. 

Fourth-grader Harley Boon and second-grader Lynnzi Stout won the opportunity to stick pies in the educators’ faces in a random drawing during a school-wide celebration of a successful fundraiser.

Chapman School took part in the district’s efforts to raise money that will help repair Bethel School, which burned down in early November 2015. Harley is in the class that raised the most money in the school, while Lynnzi and her pie represented the whole of Chapman School.

On her first try, Lynnzi’s pie skipped over Dusek’s head, giving him a false sense of security. After Woodhead pushed the remains of the missed pie tin onto Dusek’s face, Lynnzi received another pie to finish the deed and her aim was true.

Harley took a more direct approach, smashing the pie tin against Woodhead’s face, with relish. 

Soldotna High School student and student representative on the school board Brian Dusek came up with the idea for the fundraiser and was present at the festivities as well. 

“I’d seen pie fundraisers in the past and I thought they were kind of fun, and I thought that kids and high schoolers would like it. … And I thought, why not have the winning school pie the superintendent,” Brian said. “Chapman did a great job. They raised the most money overall and per student, so that’s a big deal.”

Overall, all the schools involved raised more than $2,000 as of Jan. 19, Brian said.

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