Thousands respond to borough services survey

Many of the survey questions focused on the quality of borough roads

More than 2,000 borough residents participated in Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Peter Micciche’s “Your Better KPB” survey, which solicited input on borough services in April and May.

Many of the survey questions, Micciche’s office said in a May 26 press release, focused on the quality of borough roads. Micciche has previously said he plans to use the data collected to help inform future borough contracts for road services.

“Understanding the vision of our constituents is imperative in creating a better KPB, not from the perspective of the KPB, but from the people we serve,” Micciche is quoted as saying in that release.

Among survey respondents, nearly half — 49% — said their winter roads were not cleared within 24 hours following a snow storm. A similar proportion of people who took the survey said that summer roads were routinely graded.

Nearly all participants said the borough’s fire emergency services met or exceeded their expectations, making that service the borough’s highest-rated. The next-highest rated, in order, were emergency management, solid waste and planning. A majority of residents said the borough should prioritize quality services while focusing on reducing waste and maintaining low costs.

“We will continue to reach out to understand your vision and again, appreciate the overwhelming response and your willingness to share your thoughts and beliefs about what would define a great KPB,” Micciche said in the release.

More information about the results of Micciche’s “Your Better KPB” survey can be found on the borough’s website at

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