Voznesenka’s Nadejda Reutov awarded ‘Golden Apple’

Staff report

For her dedication and going above and beyond what is expected as the custodian of Voznesenka School, Nadejda Reutov was honored with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s “Golden Apple” award at the district’s Nov. 3 school board meeting.

“Nadejda Reutov is a custodian who is dedicated to her job and the Voznesenka School. Her eight and a half years of exceptional service have made our school a welcoming place for students, staff and visitors,” Michael Wojciak, school principal, said in a KPBSD press release.

Reutov was noted for her “do what it takes” attitude and that she “often goes above and beyond her job duties” for the school, the press release said. 

Her responsibilities include cleaning, maintenance, safety, security and teamwork.

“Not only does Nadejda excel at her job duties, she is also an effective communicator with a pleasant personality,” the press release said. “She greets students and staff in the hallways and passing between buildings. As a result, she has gained the respect of the students. This is evident by their attention and reaction to her voiced concerns about the upkeep of the school.”

The long list of attributes that earned Reutov the award included her ability to communicate with colleagues, attention to details, attendance at site council meetings, participation in school issues, donations to school programs and contributions in the form of homemade goodies.

“Nadejda Reutov’s personal pride is visible within our school. She pours her passion into every aspect of her job. She never complains about her responsibilities, is understanding in regard to school activities, and takes initiative without needing direction. 

“Nadejda has an incomparable work ethic and is an invaluable member of the Voznesenka staff and school culture,” said Wojciak.