3 reasons to contact your legislator for education funding today

In mid-January, 45 legislators can make an enormous difference for Alaskan communities around the state. Between Jan. 16 and the 21, we need 45 legislators to vote to override the governor’s education veto of $87.4 million and change.

In the last legislative session, Alaskans came out strongly supporting funding for public education. Legislators approved $185 million for public schools. Base funding for K-12 public schools has not been increased since 2017.

Can we find 45 legislators who will vote to override? Many legislators — but not 45 of them — would vote to override the governor’s veto.

So why try?

Reason 1: It brings the issue right up front again. (The governor has yet to explain why he vetoed this money)

Reason 2: Unfortunately, education funding will be an ongoing fight this session, so why not come out swinging?

Reason 3: It’s not impossible. If enough people advocate for this override, their voices might sway more legislators.

If you support education funding, call, email, or write a letter telling your two legislators what you think.

Education is the foundation of a healthy democracy. We live in a great state. We have great people living here. Let’s make it even greater and bypass the governor’s veto. If teachers, communities, students, and staff knew we had their backs, oh what a sight that would be.

Let’s do something to support education today and give us some good news for the New Year! For more information: overridetheveto24@gmail.com.

Alex Koplin lives in Homer.