League of Women Voters of Alaska: Join us in calling for campaign finance limits

Dear People of Alaska,

The League of Woman Voters of Alaska supports the campaign finance initiative which would restore campaign contribution limits for campaigns of state and local offices. This initiative is brought by Citizens against Money and Politics (Camp).

Our legislators are expected to represent each person equally. Money in politics complicates this system. When candidates receive large financial contributions from organizations, corporations, or individuals they may be more influenced by their needs. This places the voices of everyday Alaskans at a disadvantage.

The involvement of money in our elections is a huge barrier for everyday Alaskans who run for public office but lack significant financial resources. Every person has the right to run for public office, but because of the role money plays in our elections, not everyone has an equal opportunity.

Alaska limitations on campaign contributions ($500 a year for legislative races) were struck down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in July 2021 (Thompson v. Hebron). The Legislature failed to adopt inflated adjusted limits; there are no limits on donations to candidates. There are many who believe that campaign finance should not be limited, as this is a form of free speech. The League of Women Voters of Alaska believes that we need limits. This initiative is one way we can get back some stability of campaign finance reform that allows for an equal playing field.

If you believe that we need campaign finance rules now, we must get 27,000 signatures to Juneau soon. Efforts to get signatures to place this initiative on the ballot for November 2024 are ramping up and time is of the essence.

How can you help?

Sign the initiative, donate to CAMP, and/or write a letter to the editor expressing your support for the initiative. To become a signature gatherer or learn more about CAMP, go to https://www.campaignlimits.org/

Together we can make a difference.

Alex Koplin is president of the League of Women Voters of Alaska.