Letters to the Editor

Not fade away

Looking out at Monday’s weather, I am grateful for the sunny skies and “warm” temperature that historically seem to prevail on Winter Carnival weekend. The Krewe of Gambrinus was loosely organized in 1994 to celebrate the universal Carnival season that begins on Epiphany, Jan. 6, and culminates on Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday. That date varies by year, dictated by when Easter Sunday falls. ( That is a another lesson in itself.) What doesn’t vary is the second weekend in February, for 68 years, when Homer celebrates Winter Carnival.

Last year’s activities were on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and yet to be received vaccinations. This year, the anticipated parade was canceled for the same pandemic, yet protection and precautions are now widely available. According to a press release from the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, there wasn’t enough interest from the various groups that are usually involved and concerns of COVID-19 were mentioned.

Our Krewe has become a focal point of the Winter Carnival Parade. Each year we strive to entertain the attendees, emcee and judges as the Bossy Pants and Panties sashay down Pioneer Avenue. We adjusted this year to a percussive sound rather than a brass band due to the aerosoling of the instruments. We paid homage to the beloved Hobo Jim and his signature, “I did, I did the Iditarod Trail” tune. We were a masked “dog team” to lead our honorary King William, carrying the life-saving serum. We had a special beat to parade to, one that everyone could join in with. We are culture bearers of parade tradition. Thus we made those that were surprised and caught smiling when they saw us marching to our chant and beat.

“We’re the Bossy Pants

Here we come.

Listen to the beat of our drum

Down here on Kachemak Bay

We’re not gonna fade away

We’re not gonna fade away!”

Look for us on the second Saturday in February celebrating Homer’s winter.

P.S. Whatever monetary winnings we receive in past years are donated to local nonprofits, and since we feel we are winners in our own mind, we will be making a donation to Homer’s culture bearer, the Pratt Museum & Park.

Karen Berger, for the Krewe of Gambrinus Social Aid & Pleasure Club.

Grateful to Homer Foundation

The Homer Hockey Association would like to thank the Homer Foundation for their support of the Communications Director Grant Award. Special attention goes to the Kevin Bell and Family Hockey Fund, the Compass Rose Fund, and the KLEPS Fund at the Homer Foundation. Due to the receipt of the grant, we will be conducting interviews for the position.

People can send questions and inquiries regarding the position to info.kevinbellarena@gmail.com.

John Mink, President, Homer Hockey Association

More gratitude to Homer Foundation

West Homer Elementary School would like to thank the Homer Foundation Dave and Mary Schroer Fund for the generous grant that allowed us to upgrade our projector technology in all 11 general education classrooms. The old projectors were loud and dimly lit, making it hard for all students to see the displayed materials and creating unnecessary distracting noise from the fan. The new projectors are LED, providing a clear, crisp, colorful image, better sound and virtually no noise, leading to an enhanced educational environment in the classroom.

Thank you for your continued support of education in Homer! l

Eric Waltenbaugh, Principal, West Homer Elementary

Three more years?

I thought things went pretty well through the Trump administration. Now we’ve got this yahoo. Three more years, thanks, thanks a lot.

Ray Dawson