Letters to the Editor

Let ‘em play!

I have just finished watching the documentary, “Changing the Game,” on Hulu and am inspired to express my support for including transgender athletes in high school sports.

I would venture to say that most transgender students wouldn’t even go as far as even trying to participate in sports. They face tremendous discrimination every day just going about their daily lives trying to be who they are.

These students are not looking to harm or take advantage of anyone. They deeply feel that they were born the wrong gender and really want, with all their heart, to be the gender they feel that they are. I have known a few transgender students in my years as a high school secretary in Homer, and they are some of the most wonderful kids you’d ever meet, and their friends agree. And they are BRAVE.

For the few who would like to play sports as the gender they identify with, I feel strongly that they should be able to. I have daughters who excelled in sports, and I understand the viewpoint of those opposed to letting a transgender girl compete with other girls. Some may say they are stronger, or faster, and in a very few cases, this could prove true. But those athletes really are girls too, and they just want to belong and be accepted as who they are. Same when transgender boys want to play with the boys.

All transgender teens face enormous obstacles, including a lot of hatred from adults. Suicide rates for this population are high because of all the negativity they face.

Let’s support these kids by giving them acceptance, support, love and a chance to be involved in sports with peers who they identify with and are friends with. Many states have already done this and for the benefit of our society and our teens, we should too.


Cindy Koplin

Gratitude for playground equipment grant

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the KLEPS Fund and Opportunity Fund of the Homer Foundation for their generous grant towards the purchase of playground equipment at the Wynn Nature Center. As part of our mission to foster responsible interaction with our natural surroundings, we strive to create a nurturing and stimulating space where children can learn, play and connect with nature.

The grant has allowed us to realize this vision by enabling us to install playground equipment made from natural materials that does not interfere with the ecosystem at the Wynn Nature Center. The new playground equipment has provided our children with opportunities to engage in physical activities, develop their motor skills and explore their natural surroundings. We are immensely grateful to the donors for their dedication to supporting organizations like ours. Their commitment to the community and belief in our mission have made a lasting impact.

The grant has not only helped us fulfill our current needs, but has also enriched the lives of the children by providing them with a safe and enjoyable play area. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Homer Foundation for its invaluable role in connecting organizations with funding opportunities that make a significant difference in our community. Their tireless efforts in fostering philanthropy and supporting local nonprofits have made a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many.


Hanna Young, for the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies

Thanks for saving sandhill crane

To the Editor of the Homer News,

I want to thank the team that helped the wounded sandhill crane that had been shot with an arrow and left to suffer (Homer News, July 13, 2023 article). Ralph Broshes, Jason Sodergren and Nina Faust were able to render medical care to this majestic bird. In a world where we witness senseless acts of cruelty, you guys are a shining example of caring and compassion.

I hope the sandhill crane recovers in time to migrate south with his family. At least, your intervention has given him a fighting chance. You are my heroes!


Cindy Bolognani