Letters to the Editor

Social Security pays the bills

I’m 76 years old. Social Security checks pay my rent. If not for Social Security, I’d have to go back to work, and that’s slim pickin’s at my age. I’ve been retired over 10 years and Social Security and Medicare allow me to live decently and take care of my basic health needs. If I didn’t have Social Security and Medicare, I wouldn’t have the time to paint, write or spend my time helping others. I’d have to scramble to get a job so that I can pay the rent, eat and try to maintain my health.

They take $100 a month out of my Social Security for Medicare.

If you know anyone who benefits from these programs like I do, then vote Democrat. The Republicans are trying to take this lifeline away from us — do away with these programs entirely.

Democratic socialism is people deciding to allot the money that we put into the system (taxes) for our own benefit (ie: fire department, education, libraries, Social Security, roads, post office, etc.)

When we also take care of others it makes our own lives happier. Then we can have a happy, safe and healthy society.

Lela Ryterski


Check out the math trail in Old Town Homer

Dear Homer High School Parents, Students & Community:

It has been a great privilege and honor to serve Homer area youth and families as an assistant principal and mathematics educator for the past decade.

Being able to walk alongside and celebrate Homer High School students as they developed — reaching many milestones socially, academically, athletically and mathletically — is a gift that I shall cherish.

Whether residing in Mt. View while teaching math at Bartlett High School or combing the beach in Old Town Homer while administrating at Homer High School, I encouraged my students to look for the math around them, often hidden in their neighborhoods and hometowns. Not to disappoint, HHS mathletes rose to the occasion, finding a treasure trove of mathematics in Old Town Homer and establishing Homer’s first math trail. How exciting to know that mathematics is all around us!

I encourage you to walk the trail. Printed Old Town Homer Math Trail trifold brochures are available at the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center or you can find the trail online at homermathtrail.org. We are also eagerly soliciting ideas for improving our trail. Specifically we are looking for ideas to make the stops engaging for all ages and levels of difficulty. In the meantime, enjoy the trail and please visit the website to contribute your suggestions.

A big thank you to the families, students and staff past and present who have supported and continue to support Homer High School and the many opportunities it provides. While I considerably miss the halls and smiling students of Homer High School, I also look forward to our paths crossing in serendipitous ways.

Thank you,

Sunny Mall, retired administrator and mathematics teacher, Homer High School

Hospice provides valuable Alzheimer’s resources

I’m grateful to Hospice of Homer for collaborating with the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska. This group provides valuable teaching tools, strategies and up to $ 2,500 grant money, for people struggling with the effects of dementia. In recent months, one grant enabled a household to construct a disability ramp, and another grant made it possible for a years long 24/7 caregiver, to obtain temporary respite care in order to take a short break to see children and grandchildren. Families who provide in home care for loved ones stricken by this terrible disease can become overwhelmed and isolated over time. This grant provides unexpected relief for those unsung caregivers (heroes) amongst us.

Thank you,

Shirley Evans

Hospice of Homer volunteer visitor

Kachemak Bay Recovery Connection thanks local financial support

Kachemak Bay Recovery Connection is a new local organization developed to support individuals and families seeking recovery from substance use disorders.

Launching a new organization is no small task, but our work has been made lighter by so many volunteers and financial supporters who have stepped up to the plate to assist addressing this huge need in our communities.

We are filled to the brim with gratitude to receive so much support from individuals, businesses and organizations in the Kachemak Bay Area. We’d like to publicly thank our financial supporters:

Kenai Peninsula Borough

Gary Thomas 100 Men Who Care

100+ Women Who Care Homer

The Homer Foundation

South Peninsula Hospital

CICADA Alumni Group

Recover Alaska

Kachemak Bay Rotary Club

Plus dozens and dozens of individuals and businesses!

September is National Recovery Month which celebrates the gains made by those in recovery from substance use and mental health, just as we celebrate improvements made by those who are managing other health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. KBRC is sponsoring a number of events throughout the month to promote and support treatment and recovery practices, help develop a strong and proud recovery community, and acknowledge the dedication of service providers and community members who make recovery in all its forms possible.

Learn more about how can participate at www.kbayrecovery.org or on Facebook. We hope you can join us for some or all of the events!


Jaclyn Rainwater, KBRC president

Willy Dunne, KBRC vice president