Letters to the Editor

Concerns about invasive species

I’m writing to express my concern about invasive species in our environment. Everyone knows about the great possum caper last year. I guess that has been resolved. The critter tried to escape Washington state, but, like the old saying goes: You can run but you can’t hide.

But there are other invasive species hiding in plain sight that we need to tend to before they undermine the habitat of our beloved locals. Orange hawkweed is one. Green crabs another. Pike out of place also. And what about the pigeons and rabbits? These last two species are rapidly increasing their numbers and territory in Homer. I know several places where people feed pigeons. Not good. I also know places that feral rabbits are tolerated. Not good. How about we all do our part to get rid of these critters before they undermine our foundations or cover our buildings and statues in poop?

Deland Anderson