Letters to the Editor

A thank you from the Homer Rope Tow

A big thank you and a heartfelt note of appreciation to both the Rasmuson Foundation for their $17,000 grant and the Homer Foundation for their $25,000 grant from the Opportunity Fund to the Kachemak Ski Club/Homer Rope Tow.

We dedicated all of the funds, and more from our club’s own accounts, to the build-out and completion of a new, greatly expanded parking lot at the Watermelon Trailhead off Ohlson Mountain Road.

This project will improve safe access for winter users of the Rope Tow, conveniently located just across the road, but also for seasonal users like snowmachiners, hunters, horseback riders, fishermen, hikers, mountain bikers and backcountry skiers who access the Watermelon Trail.

It has been gratifying to know these fine community foundations recognized the value in this local infrastructure improvement and had confidence in the ability of our organization to see the project through to its completion before real winter arrives. We couldn’t have done it without their financial backing and the ongoing collaboration, technical assistance and project management expertise of our partner in managing the Watermelon Trailhead, Homer’s Snomads, and to our very efficient and hard-working contractor, Arno Construction.

Thanks to all!

Randy Wiest

Kachemak Ski Club/Homer Rope Tow Board President