Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Homer OPUS is a nonprofit organization that runs string music education programs for youth and adults in Homer and Anchor Point. Each year, our programs involve about 250 participants, putting real violins into the hands of kindergarten to second grade students at Paul Banks Elementary, Fireweed Academy, and Chapman School to help kids build brain skills like focus and decision-making. And our after-school orchestral ensembles develop skills in musicianship and foster a lifelong love of music. Instruments and fee waivers for the after-school program are available. A recent grant of $5,000 from the Homer Foundation Opportunity Fund helped OPUS take our programs to the next level, by investing in how we operate and plan as an organization. This project helped us turn a bowl-of-spaghetti approach to information management into a streamlined affair that will help us grow and operate more efficiently. And it helped us lay the groundwork for a new five-year strategic plan. We deeply appreciate this support.


Miranda Weiss

Homer OPUS Board President

Dear Editor,

The Homer Hockey Association and Kevin Bell Arena would like to thank the City of Homer Grants Program at the Homer Foundation for general operating support.

HHA and the Kevin Bell Arena are experiencing an exceptional year, and we take immense pride in offering on-ice recreational activities to our local community, as well as to individuals and groups across the State of Alaska. We deeply appreciate the City of Homer’s recognition of the health and economic benefits that our non-profit organization brings to the community. See you at the rink!


Mike Barth

HHA President

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Homer Foundation’s City of Homer Grants Program for the unrestricted general operating grant that helped Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic support community health and wellness. In 2023, we served more clients on the Southern Kenai Peninsula in the clinic, connected hundreds of adults and teens with medically accurate information at community events and in area schools, and collaborated with community partners on the Community Health Needs Assessment, Pop-Up Clinics around town, and strengthening the web of community support we all need to thrive. Thank you!

In gratitude,

Claudia Haines, CEO

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

Homer Flex School thanks Homer Foundation and donors

The David and Mary Schroer Fund, administered through the Homer Foundation, has supported our school in many ways over the years. Whether it has been helping us deliver engaging science labs or developing a teleconferencing hub, these funds have consistently assisted us in offering a quality educational experience.

This year, we used grant funds to enhance our electives, thus prioritizing low-stress, high-engagement offerings. These electives, in the fine arts, computer sciences, and CTE tracks, have provided students with a necessary break from more rigorous and demanding courses, while also providing a creative outlet for self-expression and student engagement. More specifically, we purchased materials, tools, and supplies for our woodworking, fiber arts, culinary, and technology courses.

These learning opportunities wouldn’t have happened if not for The Homer Foundation and its donors, including David and Mary Schroer. We sincerely appreciate their assistance and continued support.


Christopher Brown

Principal/Teacher at Homer Flex High School

Dear Editor,

I wish to first thank the 36 folks who attended the Senior Center Board of Directors meeting last Wednesday. It was wonderful to see that much interest.

And I owe all of you a huge apology in forgetting my hearing aids and not asking Keren to get us a microphone. We should have done that, and we should have introduced everyone of the board members, I was very remiss and am sorry about that.

If you come back next month I think you will see some changes.

With sincere apology to all 36 of you,

Milli Martin

Board president