Letters to the Editor

An Epic Success

The Homer Cycling Club would like to thank volunteers, businesses and organizations for making this year’s Homer Epic a success. The Homer Epic is a 50K or 100K running, biking or skiing endurance race on winter trails through the Caribou Hills. 111 racers competed this year and traveled from as far away as Colorado, the District of Columbia and Italy to Homer for the annual human-powered challenge. We would especially like to thank the Snomads snowmachine club for maintaining great winter trails and sharing them with us for the race. The Homer Epic is a fundraiser for the Homer Cycling Club. Volunteers, donors and supporters to the 2024 Homer Epic included:

Volunteers: Nick Balducci, Zach Bonham, Bernard Brunner, Derek Bynagle, Louis Dupree, Jason Herreman, Ethan Kizzia, Monica Kopp, Lindsay Martin, Karyn Murphy, Mike O’Laire, Alice Perea, Derek Reynolds, Megan Rosier, Konrad Schaad, Stephanie Schmit, Tadgh Scholz, Jason Seifert, Parker Sorensen, Ben Tippenhauer, Lily Westphal.

Donors: Brunner MachineWorks, BST Milling, Cycle Logical, Homer Saw and Cycle, Moore and Moore Services

Supporters: Kachemak Emergency Services, KPB School District — McNeil Canyon Elementary School, Snomads Inc., Wise Service.

Chuck Lindsay