Letters to the Editor

Objection to borough property sale

I object to the proposed purchase price for the three properties included in Kenai Peninsula Borough assembly Ordinance 2023-19-48 for South Peninsula Hospital without the support of a qualified real estate appraisal to develop an independent opinion of the market value of these properties and improvements. This is due diligence to promote fiscal responsibility and transparency, especially when there is such a significant difference between the negotiated sales price of $13,000,000 and the combined assessed value of $2,783,100. This ordinance is scheduled for public hearing on Tuesday, May 21.

I note that the last property acquisition ordinance for SPH included an appraisal supporting the purchase price. This was Ordinance 2022-19-17, which was withdrawn when further due diligence found the property not best fit for the purposes intended.

Mary Griswold

Two letters from Homer’s Sister City, Teshio, Japan

Thank you to Homer visitors,

I appreciate that Cathy Stingley, her granddaughter and her friend visited Teshio many long miles away from their home during their first trip to Japan. I also appreciate that Megumi Beams, who is a sister city liaison and an interpreter, gave us a wonderful opportunity to meet with them in person from Homer. I am hoping that visiting Teshio made them a memorable trip.

It has taken a while to connect people together after COVID-19 has happened. I am strongly hoping that their visit to Teshio will bring more people’s connections between the two sister cities. I look forward to meeting you in person in Homer in the near future.

Ryo Ueda

The co-owner of Sun Hotel Teshio, Hokkaido in Japan

New friends from Homer

I am very impressed with their energy and enthusiasm to catch a local train from Asahikawa station to the next station, Fukagawa station, in Hokkaido by themselves, which is about 19 miles away from each station. I am touched by their curiosity to learn our culture and history.

I had a great time with Cathy Stingley, who is an easygoing person, and her companions who seem very shy.

Cathy brought us a lot of gifts and shared good things about Homer with us. Getting to know them made me think of visiting Homer someday.

Hidemi Mikuni

A community leader of Teshio in Hokkaido