Letters to the Editor

An enjoyable evening

It wasn’t easy to set the tools and shovel aside this past Tuesday when the sunny clear sky was all a flutter with birds, new plants popping up everywhere, and head over to the library for a poetry reading. A person kind of takes their chances with that sort of thing. But I knew some of Wendy and Peter’s stuff (I hope it’s ok to refer to your beautiful words as “stuff”) so I knew I would be able to tolerate it and didn’t even sit near the exit.

So I checked myself at the door, found a deep chair in the fireplace room among friends, and let go on whatever journey was in store. And what a wonderful trip it was. It is now a couple days later and still I marvel at the places your words have taken me and the feeling of well being and goodwill that emanated from that shared experience.

They say that if all people were avid bird-watchers there would be less war and strife in the world. I think the same is true for poetry. It’s the kind of stuff we all need right now.

Thank you Anne, Linda, Peter and Wendy for such an inspiring and enjoyable evening.

Steve Hughes

Thank you for supporting outdoor education

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous donations in support of the West Homer Elementary Outdoor Education Program. The contributions made a significant difference in our ability to provide an enriching educational experience for our students.

On this adventure, we expanded our knowledge about marine ecology, botany, archeology, geology, and the tides of Kachemak Bay. Thanks to this kind support, our students embraced their appreciation for the natural world and its wonders. The hands-on activities that cannot be replicated in the classroom provided lasting memories for yet another cohort of WHE students!

The donations helped make this field trip possible for all our students, regardless of their financial situation. The local commitment to supporting our students and the educational mission of this trip is appreciated immensely.

A special thank you to the Elks Lodge for choosing WHE as the recipient of the ASEA H.E.L.P. (Alaska State Elks Association Hometown Elks Local Project) grant! They also helped shop for supplies and transport gear to the harbor! This donation of time and physical support was fantastic!

Gratefully yours,

The Fourth Grade Staff & Students at West Homer Elementary

Maritime scholarship helps pave way for future goals

I want to express my sincere gratitude for making the Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship possible. When I found out I was selected I was thrilled and excited. The money provided will help me along my path and greatly aid me in my future goals. Pursuing a secondary education is not common in our community. I decided to attend AVTEC to continue my student life and people like you made that possible. I plan to complete the plumbing and heating course in AVTEC. After I am done with the course I plan to come back to Homer and work as an apprentice, until I get the required amount of hours to become a licensed plumber. From there, whether I start off on my own or stay with whoever I apprenticed with, is yet to be decided. Again, I want to thank the Homer Foundation and express how grateful I am for this scholarship.

Makary Reutov

Nursing scholarship appreciated

I would like to express my appreciation for the 2024 Nursing Studies Scholarship I have been awarded. This scholarship was established in memory of Eileen Albert, a former nurse practitioner in Alaska, and is made possible through the Homer Foundation. I intend to use these funds towards my tuition at the University of Utah, where I hope to earn a BS in Nursing. I look forward to beginning a career that can take me wherever I want it to, but hope to return to Homer, Alaska someday. The increasing costs of many colleges instills a fear or discouragement in many young students, but it is so cool to see our small community step up and invest in future generations. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship, and appreciate the generosity of the community we live in.

Frida Renner

Thank you for gathering to honor Chuck Thorsrud

On Saturday, May 18, family, local friends and friends/family from afar, law enforcement and an assortment of storytellers gathered to honor Chuck Thorsrud, a retired State of Alaska Fish & Wildlife Trooper, commercial fisherman, hunter, trap shooter superb, and husband, father and grandfather. He passed away late December, and he left us wondering each day why he hasn’t walked back through the door.

Our daughters Erica Wells and Sara Longson put together such a beautiful, fun, superbly done event. I would like to express boundless gratitude and love to them. Their husbands and my four grandchildren shared laughs, tears, needed support and technical assistance. Love, love, love them.

The Kannery knocked it out of the park. Cody and his team generously provided scrumptious food, excellent service, personal assistance and an absolutely perfect venue. I am extremely grateful for their commitment to our gathering; the Kannery is truly exceptional. Thank you.

Our family deeply appreciates each person who shared their time, stories, hugs and laughs. Each of you brought into our day much needed light.Thank you all so very, very much.

Christine Thorsrud

Armed Forces Day a success

From May 16-18, the Homer Elks Lodge #2127 and the Lodge Veterans Committee hosted veterans from Eagle River for Armed Forces Day. The veterans relaxed and enjoyed some sightseeing, fishing, and shopping. They were treated to three dinners at the lodge, and to lunch at the Harbor Grill on the Homer Spit.

This event would not have been possible without the donations from our local businesses and lodge members. Special thanks to the Alaska State Elks Association Wounded Veterans Project; Homer Elks Lodge #2127 House Committee for cooking all the meals; Mike Warburton, lodge member and owner of the Ocean Shores Resort for lodging; Garrett and Deziree Lambert, lodge members and owners of D&G Charters for a fun day of fishing; Kama and Pulama Chow of Homer Fish Processing for packaging their catch; and Homer Emblem Club #350 for volunteering and making desserts!

Jill Hockema

Homer Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler

Homer High celebrates support and successes

I want to thank David and Mary Schroer, as well as the Homer Foundation, for their generous $3,000 grant. This grant has been essential to fostering a positive culture at Homer High School. Thanks to this funding, we were able to implement the “Mariner Way” positive student referral program, benefiting over 100 students.

Through the “Mariner Way” program, students have been recognized and rewarded for their outstanding acts of kindness, compassion and academic achievements. These include standing up for fellow students who face bullying, offering assistance without being asked, referring troubled students to adults for help, including intensive needs students in various activities, and going above and beyond to enhance the overall atmosphere at HHS. In addition, we have rewarded students for their involvement in initiatives such as Green Dot, and provided prizes for events like Poetry Out Loud, writing competitions and a Physical Fitness Challenge.

Homer High School is extremely grateful to be able to celebrate these wonderful students through the support of this grant. It can be challenging to find meaningful ways to promote positive behavior among high school students, but thanks to the generosity of David and Mary Schroer, this has become part of the culture of Homer High school.

Douglas Waclawski

Homer High School Principal