Letters to the Editor

Thank you for Rotary Club scholarship

I would like to take this time to thank the Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club for my selection as a scholarship recipient for 2024. Since moving to Alaska in 2014 I have always known that I would make Alaska my lifelong home. I love everything about Alaska, and it has provided me with so much as I have been growing up. I have learned hard work and discipline as I worked as a commercial setnet fisherman in the summers, I have learned teamwork as a member of the Ninilchik basketball team, and I have learned sense of community from all those around me. This year I applied for and was accepted to Universal Technical Institute and will attend in the fall of 2024 working towards an applied science degree in Marine Mechanics. My goal is to return to home after graduation and use my newly acquired skills to help boaters, both commercial and recreational, keep their boats operational and enjoy our beautiful state. The Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club has helped me make my goals a reality by believing in me and assisting me with a scholarship so that I can complete my education and start my life debt free.

Thank you,

Carter Lemons


Thankful for a weekend of transformation and healing

Last Friday, in a large sunny yurt kindly provided by Sandy Cronland, 20 people gathered for Anna Raupp’s first, and wildly successful, Kundalini yoga retreat. This was an opportunity for workshop attendees to have two and a half days of deeply transformational and healing yoga and meditation practice. Friday evening the participants were given a beautiful storytelling session from Anna based on a Nordic folktale that prompted the weekend’s theme: “Returning to Oneself.”

The next two full days were spent practicing Kundalini yoga, dining on homemade blueberry and buckwheat muffins and fresh soups and tea all made by Anna. Time was spent in nature, guided writing, sharing, and deep relaxation sessions to the symphonic gong. On behalf of the workshop attendees, thank you doesn’t feel big enough for what Anna provided to so many of us over those few days. An escape from the busyness and pressures of our daily lives to find our way back to our true self. It provided a reminder to listen to what our souls are asking of us, and to take the time to be still.

Thank you, Anna, for offering a space to feel safe, heard, understood, and taken care of with your storytelling and guidance. Thank you for all of the delicious and nourishing food. Thank you for the immense amount of planning and thoughtfulness you did to create this first retreat for us. But mostly, thank you for sharing your gift to help guide us all on making our journey back “home” within ourselves.

Thank you,

Workshop yogis