Letters to the Editor

Please don’t protest at KBC

In the midst of all of the budget uncertainty, I’d like let the community of Homer know that the Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College (KPC) is open for business this Fall 2019. That being said, I’d like to remind the community of Homer of the role of KPC. We are a public educational institution that provides for-credit and non-credit courses and workshops to help our students reach their educational and skills development goals. We are NOT in the business of supporting individual political opinions or ideals. While we do support people’s constitutional rights to protest and free speech, we ask that you do not do so on KBC grounds. I know that the budget cuts have impassioned many locals, but we ask that you allow us to keep our local campus as a safe, non-political entity that supports our students and not personal opinions or messages. Finally, I’d like to thank all of the locals that reached out to the legislature on behalf of the university. This is a difficult time for all of us and we appreciate all of you that contribute to our campus, college, and community.

Reid Brewer, Director,

Kachemak Bay Campus, Kenai Peninsula College

Full PFD to fire Sarah

With the governor’s vetoes, which are fully supported by our rep Rep. Sarah Vance, I pledge every penny of my PFD over $1,000 to see her unemployed in 2020 as she proposes to do to thousands of Alaskans with her vision of selfish partisan politics.

There must be a way of getting the ball rolling early to help get someone in office who is generally concerned about the future of true Alaskans.

Will someone with the knowledge to do so please start a political action committee to start with her and then the governor two years later?

You will have my support.

Richard Frost

Taxpayers shouldn’t pay university operational costs

There has been a lot of press regarding the $130 million cut to the University of Alaska. I, of course, disagree with a lot of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s cuts, but I feel that a college’s operational costs should be paid by tuition, donations from alumni and corporations, not the taxpayers.

After the Korean War, I was denied GI Bill education funding because I had lied about my age when I joined the U.S. Army. So, like tens of thousands of other young people in the U.S. struggling to pay tuition, I took a night job in a sawmill, in Longview, Washington, and a half college load during the day.

It takes longer to get a degree that way, but you’ll not be carrying the load of a student loan for years after graduation and the $130 million can then go for care of seniors, foster kids, the homeless and crumbling infrastructure.

John A. Anderson, Kenai

A big aye for Highland Games The Kachemak Bay Scottish Club would like to extend our sincere heartfelt gratitude to the individuals, organizations, communities and businesses of Homer, Ninilchik, Kenai and Anchorage for their generosity, enthusiasm and support of the 8th Annual Kachemak Bay Highland Games. Their unwavering commitment to help provide a safe and fun event for the athletic display of a traditional Scottish sporting event has continued to grow this annual celebration of Scottish culture and customs. Those who donated time, funding and merchandise clearly made a big difference in the lives of many, from the professional and amateur athletes to visitors alike.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the following for their ongoing and continued support and sponsorship without which we would not be able to continue: Homer Electric Association, IBEW Local #1547, Ocean Shores Motel, The Scottish American Athletic Association (SAAA), Alaskan Scottish Club, Homer Running Club, Kate Mitchell & NOMAR, Alaska Communications, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, Alice’s Champagne Palace, Homer Council on the Arts, The Homer Foundation, Homer Council on the Arts, Alaska State Council on the Arts, The Atwood Foundation & Harper Arts Touring Fund, City of Homer Parks and Recreation, Homer Elks Club and Emblem Club, The Grog Shop, Jim Stearns and Salmonfest. New sponsors this year include South Peninsula Hospital, Douglas Boily and Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware. Thanks to the following volunteers: Robert Anderson, Helen Phipps and family, Talena Kinder, Lyndsey Appelhanz, Adam Stover and family, Steve Panarelli, Kathy Anderson, Patrick Spiranga, Edsel Scott, and Diana and Will Hutt.

A very special thank you to Tim Kincaid and his wife Anne for seeing us succeed, and Jeni McDaniel, Alaskan Scottish Club Athletic Director, who gave the push to offer a second Highland Games event in Alaska.

Thanks to all for enjoying a great day and evening at the Elks Club.

Let’s do it again next year.

Robert Archibald, President

Kachemak Bay Scottish Club

WLAG camp was a success

Dear Homer Community,

I would like to recognize our amazing community for the opportunities it supports for youth. Earlier this summer the Homer Community came together to bring an all-girls wrestling camp to Homer. Popeye Wrestling Club hosted a Wrestle Like A Girl Empowerment Camp for Alaska girls age 5-18. This amazing opportunity was made possible Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee with YAC funding support from generous donors including the Sheldon Youth to Youth Fund, and the Ashley J. Logan Fund. With these funds and the hard work of Popeye Wrestling parents and coaches, 35 girls participated in a Memorial Weekend full of wrestling, nature, and community building.

During two full days of training the mat with Olympian Tela Bacher, and World Medalist, combat veteran, and founder of Wrestle Like A Girl, Sally Roberts, wrestlers developed their technique and learned about sports psychology, nutrition, and how to take wrestling lessons and apply them to become leaders in life. The weekend ended with a community barbecue and a hike across the bay to Grewingk Glacier Lake.

Funding for our community activity and eight scholarships were made possible by the YAC Grant; thank you to the Middle School Youth on the Committee for seeing the value of this project. Former Mariner Wrestler, Katie Connor, contributed a scholarship, paying forward the support she received during her wrestling years. The Sports Shed provided housing, Red Mountain Marine and Chris Perk provided transportation to and from Grewingk Glacier, and Homer Community Recreation provided facilities. Thank you to everyone for making this happen; the Homer Community is outstanding.


Tela Bacher

Fourth of July support welcome

American legion Auxiliary Unit 16 would like to send a big thank you to the following business for their grateful donations and support: Cruz Unlimited, John Howe, Kharachters, Lzzer Print, Mobling & More, Papa Louie’s, Captain’s Toy Chest, South Cost Construction, and Safeway.

Thank you to the Mariner Football team for taking on two booths and Homer Thrift Store for taking another booth along with missionarys that were here just for a short time.

This event would not be possible without all the volunteers and pie makers. These local businesses and volunteers helped make our Fourth of July Carnival another great success with their donations and time.

For God and Country,

Sheryl Howe,

Fourth of July Chairman

SPH appreciates responder help in plane crash

Friday, July 19 was a sad day for Kachemak Bay, when a floatplane accident claimed the life of one man and caused critical injuries to others. We continue to send prayers, well wishes and condolences for the Patanella family and staff of the lodge and floatplane service.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the many responders: the Good Samaritan vessels and lodge staff, Alaska State Troopers, U.S. Coast Guard, Homer Harbor staff, City of Homer Police Department, Homer Fire and EMS, Anchor Point EMS, Kachemak Emergency Services, the dozens of staff at South Peninsula Hospital, and others that I may have missed.

It took a village to respond, from start to finish, with many contributing in small to large ways, and filling in wherever necessary. In the face of this crisis, our community came together, demonstrating teamwork at its finest.

There are always lessons to be learned, but what this tragedy proved is that we live in a caring, compassionate community made up of highly skilled and trained public workers and first responders.

Please join me in continuing to send thoughts and prayers for all affected, and finding ways to show appreciation to the many who serve to keep our community safe.

Derotha Ferraro, spokesperson

South Peninsula Hospital

Magical Homer!

OMG HOMER! You know how to make five great musician fall in love with this place. You are the most amazing audience imaginable. The Jazz in July Fundraiser at Alice’s was a glorious success. You were a total match for the most amazing Jazz Quintet imaginable. You fired up the North Atlantic Jazz Alliance and launched our first event of more than 100 to come during the Alaska World Arts Festival in September. I can’t wait to see you do your audience magic again then.

Thank you Linda Gorman, Dixie Hart, Deb Anderson, Shelley Rainwater, Barbara Sax Seaman, Pam Van Hoozer, Scott Van Hoozer, Scott Bauer, Sharon Elisa,Markus Burger. Jan von Klewitz, Paul Kreibich, James Linahon, Marshall Hawkins, Rick Rosenbloom, Patrice Krant, Sherry Stead, Don Stead, Ken Castner, Richard Koskovich, Angie Otteson, Mike Warburton, Jim Buncak, Richard Gustafson, Janie Boily Stewart Buncak, McKinney, Kiirsten Styvar,Sarah Hindle-Robertson, Glenn Caldwell, Kevin Duff, Josh Tobin, Jody Rose, Herb Hemphill, Wynn Paulette Levitt Pauli Hall, Angie Finn Newby, Harmon Hall, Garrett Hall, Lynda Reed, Barbara Kennedy, Karin J. Marks, Charles Francis, Sanri and Cecilia Blignaut, Michael & Grace Halstead, Craig Matkin, Pamela McKemie, Kate, Owen and Scotty Meyer, Beverley Nikora,Terri Spigelmyer, Andy Haas, Antonio Ricciardi, Tim & Tara Schmidt,Suzanne Singer Alvarez, Rene’ Alvarez, Leslie Slater, Steve and Kim Smith, Karen Strid, Steve & Ginger VanWagoner, Peter & Deborah Townsend, Jeanne Walker, Evelyn and Gary Waltenbaugh, Dave Ellington, Candy Rohrer, Sharlene & Rick Cline, Sonia Topenio, Marynel Valenzuela, Elisa Russ, Chris Russ, Willy Dunne, and the friends and family and good energy you brought with you.

If I missed you here, let me know and I’ll add you to our Facebook thank you’s.

Sally Oberstein

Alaska World Arts Festival

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