Point of View: America’s anti-humanism begins with abortion

Editor’s note: This Point of View is part of a series of persuasive essays written by students in Sean Campbell’s AP Language and Composition class.

America is becoming more godless and this is a contributor to why people forsake humanity. This is the birth of anti-human ideology. People, as a whole, have lost sight in the fundamental sacredness of human life and “only 39% of Americans today agree that human life is sacred, or that it has unconditional, intrinsic worth.” Religiously speaking, if there is no creator, we are meaningless. Nothing has purpose. Everyone has inalienable value; humans were made with indescribable worth. If people refuse to realize their worth, how can they truly value others? It all comes down to whether others have a positive impact in their life, and if so then they must be good, therefore, they have value.

Society has also embraced a certain subjective view regarding the terms “humans” and “people.” We are all humans — it’s the scientific explanation for our physical selves, homo sapiens. People are the individuals, the conscious, thinking, and “valued” identities that make up the population. Without a definitive, or firm, recognition that humans and people are interchangeable, not different things, people start to allow for less humane things to be acceptable because it isn’t applied to “people.” This way of thinking has allowed for people to separate themselves from their human-ness, and is indubitably useful for rhetoric today to promote an anti-human perspective.

Simply being a living human does not mean that entity is going to receive the same privileges as people. Unborn babies are subject to a deprivation of nutrients and vigorous dismemberment; on top of that their little body parts are sold, or have been (illegally). This isn’t a revolution or act about rights, it’s a ploy set up by corporate figures to extort profits from the unfortunate. The women that go through this process aren’t much better off; they are also subject to the whims of others, and “58.3% reported aborting to make others happy, and 73.8 percent said their decision to abort was not free from outside pressure” (Patrina Mosley, “Abortion and sex trafficking are undeniably linked abuses against women,” Family Research Council). It’s not just the babies that are dehumanized, women are exploited sexually, and maybe it’s not the majority of them but it’s still a significant amount. Ignorance has also played a part in the festering of illegal/immoral activity and activism for a fundamentally corrupt incognito genocide tactic.

Unborn babies aren’t regarded as people because of their non-existent conscience. They’re not considered people so that their experimentation can further human evolution. Every big name ideologist disregards unborn rights (Jonas Salk), and yearns for the opportunity for science to further human evolution. It’s all about evolution. There are no ethics when it comes to humans, because we all want our species to become the best it can be. Just one thing, we are already there. Anything modifying our genome from here on takes us further away from being human.

Why are people so dissatisfied with themselves anyways? There is a void inside people that keeps on sucking out meaningful life. Every moment there is something that makes someone, or many someones, unhappy. The beginnings of abortion coincide with population control and extermination of certain races and traits (or defects), which stem from the dissatisfaction of their existence. People have gone from regarding themselves as humans, to now establishing a difference between humans and people all because of the privilege of being able to. People outside of the womb make choices for those still developing inside. Since when do we ever stop developing? Humans never stop developing, the brain takes many years to “fully” develop and character takes a lifetime of development. To restrict even the beginnings of human development is an act against humankind and posterity.

America has a lack of a positive community stemming from the encouragement of selfish, or needless, actions. “My body, my choice.” Lives are dictated by their value to other people. There are many choices an individual can take, they can choose themselves over other beings. The influence of institutions like the Satanic Temple don’t help at all in this situation because it’s all about one person and not the consequences of giving in to the “peer pressure” of anti-human, pro-person activism.

If people were to agree that humans are valuable, even before birth, then there would be no more euthanization, no more assisted-suicide, no more starving fetuses of nutrients, vacuuming of fetuses, or cracking the skulls and dismemberment of developed fetuses. It’s not an argument of choice, but an argument of whether humans have a right to be valued regardless of where they are in life. It’s a highly subjective practice that needs to be stopped. Who is to say that someone with Treacher Collins or Down Syndrome can’t live outside the womb because they have “severe complications?” I know of great individuals with Down syndrome. Who is to say they are not people?

Aiden Brost is a Junior at Homer High School.