Sarah Vance: ‘It’s time for a change’

What kind of Alaska do You dream of?

My name is Sarah Vance and I want to be your state representative in House district 31. Jeff and I are raising our four children here in Homer, just around the corner from where I grew up! We choose to live here because Alaska offers the community we want for our family. What do you want for your family? I want to bring back the character of ‘small town’ Alaska that is safe, vibrant, and bursting with opportunity! Walk with me down the road of possibilities. Is it possible to feel safe in our neighborhoods, have opportunity for growth in our communities, and secure a bright future for Alaska?

It is time we take a clear look at what is working, and what is not. In order to make a distinction between candidates, you must ask yourself: “What do I believe?” Do you believe in a centrally planned economy, or the free market? Do you believe Alaskans are shareholders in its vast resources? Do you want a government to determine your level of contribution, or do you want a system where individuals choose their level of investment and ultimately their own destiny? I believe in a free market economy, where individuals are the master and not the servant. I believe in the power of every Alaskan, and their ability to carve out a life for themselves; how they see fit. I believe Alaska’s natural resources are our birthright, and the PFD is our inheritance! What do you believe? Alaskans love things that are wild and free. So why should we shackle our government with limited enterprise and expanding deficits? When we limit our economy; we limit Alaskans.

Alaskans have spoken to repeal SB91, the soft on crime bill, and be tough on crime. After several years of increased crime, relentless property thefts, drug trafficking, murders and an overwhelming sense of vulnerability: it is abundantly clear that the system is broken. SB91 perpetuated crime and transferred the financial burden on the backs of law-abiding citizens. Lawlessness is running rampant, and neighborhoods are at the brink of surrender. This is my Alaska, and I believe she is worth fighting for! I will do my part to help create a safe environment to help us thrive!

It is possible to turn things around for the better, and we can do that by building a stronger economy! In a thriving economy; people have jobs, buy homes, and plan for the future. The first step in building a strong economy is to control our spending. Alaska’s spending is on an unsustainable path at nearly a $1 billion a month for less than a million people! We need to close the gap through efficiencies and responsible management. The state could save $1.3 billion a year if Alaskan workers would increase their productivity to the national average. Yes! We can do better.

I will work with leaders across our state to stabilize our budget with efficiencies, tackle crime, streamline government and invite investors to do business in Alaska once again. This will open doors for jobs and opportunities for families to thrive and grow. As your representative, I will vote to restore the PFD, repeal SB91, reject a state income tax, expand job opportunities, and advocate for seniors and Veterans! Thank you, to everyone who has invested your lives into building Alaska’s future! Whether you are a fisherman, builder, teacher or homemaker; your contribution to Alaska is priceless!

Do you see the possibilities? It’s time for a change. Vote Vance on Tuesday, November 6th!