To the voters who like statistics

Voter stats for Oct. 3 Kenai Peninsula Borough/city elections

Voter turnout: 15% (8,203/52,455)

Absentee ballots: 20% (1,630/8,203)

Highest precinct for voter turnout: 35% Seward/Lowell Point (629/1,762)

Highest voter turnout for any race: 20% KPB Assembly Seat District 8: (1,280/6,230)

Races that were close:

KPB Assembly Seat 3: 27-vote difference (396/423)

KPB School Board District 7: 11 vote difference (307/296)

Seward Prop 1: 27-vote difference (143/170)

(For exact percentages and more information:

All elections are important. Elections don’t happen without a lot of effort by a lot of people. KPV wants to thank the following:

All the candidates who put the effort and time to make our community healthier;

All the elections clerks, staff and poll workers who do a phenomenal job administrating and running this process;

To the radio, newspapers and others who inform the voters about the election;

Most importantly to the voters, who took the time and effort to go and vote.

Remember all voices matter and it is important to express yourself!

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