Mind Lab Pro Reviews – Should You Buy It or Waste of Money? UPDATE

There are over hundreds of nootropic supplements that are being manufactured in the market today. Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement manufactured by Opti-Nutra claims this product as a universal nootropic. Even Mind Lab Pro’s official website claims that the product has enhanced the brain in a revolutionary way. Furthermore, it is also claimed by Opti-Nutra that the brain booster is comprised of 11 scientifically backed ingredients that significantly improve cognitive function of the brain.

The brain is considered the most complex and powerful organ. Your body is subjected to metabolic activities with the help of brain functions. For instance, you will not be able to eat without the hunger pangs stimulated by the brain.

Nootropics are known as the natural cognitive boosters claiming to enhance the mental performance and ability of healthy people. The manufacturers of these brain stimulators will claim that the supplements will be improving cognitive function that includes motivation, attention, creativity, and memory, and Mind Lab Pro ranks highly.

In this highly competitive world, staying on the top will make you feel motivated, have a sharp memory, and be focused. Students, mainly those in college consumes these cognitive boosters for fortifying their memory and learning capacities.

There are some people who use nootropics like Mind Lab Pro for repairing the damaged brain cells and inhibiting the development of mental performance issues that are related to age including Alzheimer’s and dementia. A few of the best nootropics even fight fatigue elevating moods that lead to improved brain health.

Product Mind Lab Pro
Product Type Nootropic
Manufacturer Opti-Nutra Ltd.
  • Responsible to optimize brain functionality for peak cognitive performance
  • Boosts mental processing speed and enhanced memory retention
  • Reduced brain fog and mental fatigue
  • Safeguards brain from aging damage by restoring brain cells
  • Side Effects None
    Dosage 2 capsules/day
  • 1 Box $69.00
  • 2 Boxes $138.00
  • 3+1 boxes $207.00
  • Guarantee 30-day-money-back-guarantee
    Website MindLabPro.com

    What is Mind Lab Pro?

    Mind Lab Pro is designed specifically to boost the cognition functionality of the brain being the universal nootropic dietary supplement. It has 11 scientifically proven active natural ingredients. The supplement is able to improve mental performance that includes functionality, memory, structure, and mindset.

    The ingredients used in Mind Lab Pro are extremely powerful included within the clinical range of dosages. The supplement is completely safe, effective, legal, clinically tested, and validated by third-party labs for making sure of its efficacy and safety. Mind Lab Pro is free from any harmful ingredients and is manufactured with the ones that are known to improve cognitive performance.

    How does Mind Lab Pro work?

    The formulation of Mind Lab Pro consists of 11 active ingredients and consists of plant-based NutriCaps capsules. The formula is free from caffeine, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and allergen-free. No artificial preservative or synthetic additives are used.

    The ingredients used in the formulation of Mind Lab Pro are well-tolerated and completely safe. As a matter of fact, this nootropic supplement is labeled as completely clean with no gluten, caffeine, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. These are plant-based and cleaned. The manufacturing of Mind Lab Pro undergoes quality control measures associated with quality assurance checks in the entire manufacturing process.

    Several of the users have also reported immediate improvements in the brain’s cognitive abilities within just a couple of hours of taking a double dose of Mind Lab pro. There are even noticeable mental improvements that can be noticed within just two weeks of intake of Mind Lab Pro regular doses of two capsules. It is recommended that you take a dose of 30 days consistently using its robust benefits.

    What are Nootropics?

    Nootropic is the term that refers to the chemicals that match well with the suitable criteria through the early days of the clinical research that involves in its manufacturing. This term is mainly used to refer to both synthetic and natural substances that are made to benefit cognitive function and health. These mainly take the form of dietary supplements, prescription drugs, and synthetic compounds.

    However, a bit more research on this topic is required as nootropics are thought to work by significantly increasing the presence of main neurochemicals within the brain. It helps by stimulating the growth of nerves along with improving cerebral blood flow.

    These supplements such as Mind Lab Pro, therefore, promote cognitive function and brain health together. Nootropics are also known for supporting cognitive skills along with the varied aspects of the brain’s functionality that includes memory, attention, mental clarity as well as concentration.

    Mind Lab Pro on associated health benefits

    Optimizing Brain Chemistry

    The chemicals in your brain are optimized by Mind Lab Pro which improves the various cognitive functions that include mental processing speed, motivation, mood, memory retention, and more.

    Boosting Brain Energy

    This nootropic supplement enhances mental energy by eliminating mental fatigue, increasing mental agility, and increasing focus. It is beneficial specifically for active elderly people who are looking to prevent age-related adverse effects due to their declined cognitive ability.

    Sustains Brain Regeneration

    The intake of Mind Lab Pro brings about an immense number of benefits along with aiding to help, maintain as well as nourishing the cells of the brain for healthy growth and optimal brain plasticity.

    Increases Brain Circulation

    Through Mind Lab Pro’s optimal functions that support mental health, the blood flow to the brain is greatly improved. The brain gets oxygenated which clears away the harmful toxins thereby improving the delivery of micronutrients.

    Promotes Brain Protection

    The neurons in the brain can be damaged through oxidative stress as well as the other factors although Mind Lab Pro can aid in keeping them strong. It is the universal nootropic that can fight the unhealthy structural changes along with the toxins that lead to brain degradation with time.

    Regulates Brain Waves

    According to the countless Mind Lab pro reviews, this dietary supplement is known to promote the alpha brain pathways that help in keeping your calm as well as alert along with the improvement in cognitive functionality. It is the great one in terms of learning, productivity, as well as creativity.

    Ingredients used in Mind Lab Pro

    Mind Lab Pro is a supplement that contains 11 active ingredients that are backed by scientific research. These are the ingredients that work together targeting the four pathways of the brain protection including enhanced memory, attention, focus, concentration, as well as long-term brain health. Each of the bottles arrives in a box clearly starting every dosage and form of ingredients which is why you should know exactly what you are adding to your body.


    Citicoline is a compound present in Mind Lab Pro that boosts brain cells with energy through the increase of cellular metabolism. It is even noted to boost the neural electrical impulses responsible to supercharge your ability to think.

    Citicoline is vital in terms of synthesizing phosphatidylcholine which is a kind of phospholipid located in the brain cells. Moreover, it safeguards your brain against damages brought about by free radicals by revving the antioxidant activities of the brain.

    Vitamin B6, B9, and B12

    The universally recognized element present in Mind Lab Pro that enhances your immunity by warding off the free radicals in your system is the vitamins. According to Opti-Nutra, the addition of vitamins in this nootropic boosts the functionality of the brain, creating cells in the brain and encouraging focus, concentration, as well as memory.

    Rhodiola Rosea

    According to the scientific research performed earlier on, it indicates that the ingredient present in Mind Lab Pro is responsible to diminish brain fog. Studies have also reported that this adaptogenic brain function enhancer is responsible for improving learning and memory, enhancing cognitive functionality along fighting against emotional stress.

    Dieticians have even recommended this ingredient to promote sleep and relaxation due to its stimulating effects in the production of serotonin and dopamine which are responsible to decrease stress in individuals.


    This ingredient is responsible to offer relaxation with the increasing levels of GABA and other chemicals for relieving stress. It even guards your brain function against the signs of mental decline associated with aging with the increase of brain regeneration power. Additionally, it also brings about an improvement to the alpha brain waves encouraging creativity, concentration, along focus.


    The ingredient brings about an improved circulation of blood in the brain elevating focus along with alertness as noted by the experts.

    Furthermore, this component produces certain chemicals in the brain for enhancing nerve growth factor along with impulses, boosting mood as well as mental energy. L-tyrosine is noted to aid in reasoning and staying alert over extended periods when under situations that are stressful.

    It is even responsible to boost cognitive flexibility increasing your productivity while you are multitasking effectively. Finally, it helps in stimulating the stress-relieving hormone productions helping to ward off anxiety and depression.

    Organic Lion’s mane Mushroom

    As backed by science, the ingredient consists of hericenones and erinacines which are responsible to stimulate brain cell regeneration preventing brain degeneration conditions. Opti-Nutra even claims that Lion’s mane mushroom can effectively minimize the symptoms of depression and anxiety as it contains high levels of anti-inflammatories.

    Likewise, the ingredient can effectively boost your immunity as it enhances gut health along with reducing toxic metabolic waste accumulations. Lion Mane’s mushroom can also help in keeping your levels of energy high thereby supporting mental agility along with human brain regeneration.

    Maritime Pine Bark Extract

    Maritime Pine Bark extract is an ingredient is packed with pycnogenol and procyanidins which act to fight the free radicals in the brain being a natural antioxidant. Furthermore, it is also responsible for improving the circulation of blood in the brain making sure that each cell in the human brain is getting the right amount of oxygen and nourishment.

    The ingredient is also effective in enhancing memory function, focus, alertness, and preventing brain ailments related to aging such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Bacopa Monnieri

    The ingredient is rich in antioxidants known as bacosides. This element safeguards your cells in the brain from being damaged by free radicals. Furthermore, this antioxidant property encourages the boost of the brain chemicals such as GABA, serotonin as well as acetylcholine that inclusively enhance your mood for relaxation and better sleep.

    Phosphatidylserine (PS)

    It is noted as a fatty acid that safeguards the cells in the brain from oxidative damages making up about 15% of the fat present in the brain. Furthermore, the fluid nature of PS is essential for the transportation synapses leading to better cognitive healthiness.

    It, therefore, enhances alertness, memory retention as well as clarity. According to Opti-Nutra, the ingredient is noted to support the brain cell regeneration that leads to the prevention of cognitive functioning decline.

    How to take Mind Lab Pro

    According to the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro, it is recommended that you aim for medical guidance prior to the consumption of this nootropic formula. Furthermore, make sure to go through the dosage instructions present on the label.

    As noted from the label, adults should be consuming at least two capsules daily for at least 180 days. It also claims that a few people will also be experiencing improvement in the health of the brain after the first dose.

    Side Effects

    The manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro note that all ingredients comprised in this supplement are unlikely to cause any kind of discomfort and are safe for consumption. A few people can also get perfect reactions after the intake of this supplement that leads to mild stomach discomforts, vomiting, nausea, and a bit of headache.

    Opti-Nutra even assures users that the adverse effects will be fading away in about a week. People can even undergo some severe side effects after the consumption of this nootropic supplement due to their psychological difference. In these cases, the manufacturer recommends stopping the intake instantly and seeking medical help.

    Benefits of Mind Lab Pro supplements

    The following are the notable Mind Lab Pro benefits that are enjoyed by the human body as noted through independent research:

    Boost Moods

    According to the official Mind Lab Pro website, the product can help elevate your mood balance as mood-boosting brain chemicals and brain’s ability while fighting off the mental conditions that involve depression, stress as well as anxiety.

    As an outcome, the users of Mind Lab Pro can expect to gain a better quality of sleep, subsequently improving their efficiencies. Some of the main ingredients that come with the product like Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-Theanine can effectively ease mental stress and sharpen up your mental ability.

    Improved Brain health

    Mind Lab Pro even has ingredients like citicoline, Bacopa Monnieri, L-tyrosine, as well as phosphatidylserine that are responsible to boost both short and long-term memory.

    As a result, the users of this supplement can recall skills and knowledge for future years. The product is also known for augmenting your processing and reasoning skills thereby improving your work-related and academic performances.

    Furthermore, Opti-Nutra claims that this is a supplement that can safeguard you from cognitive decline as well as impairment related to aging.

    Energy enhancers

    As noted earlier, Mind Lab Pro is free from any kind of stimulants to boost energy naturally present in the brain. The product is recognized for supporting the healthy circulation within blood vessels to the CNS thereby making sure to repair damaged brain cells along with checking whether they are oxygenated and nourished.

    Furthermore, the product is known to supercharge the mitochondrial functions of the brain energy cells for the production of energy effectively. The creators even claim that the capsules can help the brain to multitask without being tired thereby contributing to long-term brain health.

    Improved mental performance

    Presently, people are under a lot of health, relationship, and financial stress. As a result, it becomes a challenge on focusing on a single task as there are several external triggers.

    With the help of Mind lab Pro, your brain can focus immensely on specific sensory triggers focusing on the single tasks even with several distractions that are present all around with the help of amino acid. The cognition ability is activated with the help of amino acid present in Mind Lab Pro and aids you in staying alert over extended periods.

    Facilitates learning

    As asserted by Opti-Nutra, the product is perfect for academicians as well as students for augmenting sharp memory recovery along with storage, increasing the intellectual energy levels as well as focus.

    There are a few ingredients like Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola Rosea to aid you in thinking even under a lot of pressure to overcome the stressful examinations. At the same time, the product claims a few fixes over a reduced rate of bypassing new knowledge with regenerated new brain cells.

    Support Creativity with improved brain cells

    Mind Lab Pro profess on modulating brain pathways to the Alpha frequency that elevates cognitive explorations and encourages creativity. There are even a few ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea and Citicoline that are proven clinically to keep your Central Nervous System energized as well as motivated thereby offering space for creativity.


    Innate motivation along with purpose is essential to boost creativity. Several people even struggle at reaching their complete potential due to insufficient motivation.

    Mind Lab Pro helps to stimulate the production of dopamine thereby increasing the intrinsic motivations. Ingredients such as Rhodiola Rosea, vitamin B9, and L-Tyrosine are important to balance the brain chemicals along with synthesizing dopamine that encourages motivation.

    Impeding age-related mental deterioration

    As reported by scholars, the decline in mental ability starts when you are in your 20s and 30s. The clinical research and editorial team note that the cognitive decline with aging is the outcome of the accumulated free radicals inhibiting brain cell creation.

    Regardless, Mind Lab Pro is filled with antioxidants that fight against oxidative brain stress along with reducing cellular damage. Likewise, vitamins, which are antioxidants safeguard the neurons and nerve growth factor thereby reducing brain fog.

    What is the purpose of Mind Lab Pro?

    As noted by the creators, there are no restrictions for consuming Mind Lab Pro. Mind Lab Pro also falls under the categories of smart drugs which are similar to the other nootropic. The product is responsible to optimize the long-term health of brain cell membranes.

    The brain controls every function and all the things you do. There is nothing better than having enhanced mental health and reaching peak performance with brain health boosters. The following are the individuals who should be using Mind Lab Pro:

    • Working professionals who wish to improve their cognitive abilities and skills.
    • Students who look to improve in their academic performances.
    • Engineers who wish to gain cognitive advantages.
    • Athletes who look to reduce mental exhaustion and energy levels.

    How should you take Mind Lab Pro?

    Mind Lab Pro formula contains a bottle that comes with a month’s supply containing about 60 capsules. Mind Lab Pro reviews recommend the consumption of two capsules a day with a glass of water. It is also essential to consume the capsules in the afternoon and in the morning.

    There are even mental challenges like working out as well as the academic performance that you can increase dosages of about 4 capsules before you go ahead with your performances.

    To gain maximum outcomes, 2 capsules should be taken each morning prior to the meal. In case you require an additional dose, consume 2 capsules prior to your lunch.

    As noted by the creators, the standard Mind Lab Pro dosage of two capsules is recommended in a day that shows noticeable improved cognitive functions as well as brain boosters to help in regeneration.

    It is also mentioned that there are several consumers who have reported some increased boosted cognitive abilities within a couple of hours and doubling the dose to about 4 capsules a day.

    Make sure that you take these capsules daily for about a month to gain maximum health outcomes. Keep in mind, that you should give at least a 24-hour gap when you take four capsules a day and always consume this supplement instructed by the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro.

    Best way to buy Mind Lab Pro

    These capsules are available only on the official website of Mind Lab Pro formula. The manufacturers claim that the transactions are secure and safe making sure that there is no risk of personal data loss. Furthermore, purchasing supplements to boost brain energy straight out of the official website makes sure that the consumers are attaining a reliable product and enjoying maximum discounts.


    Mind Lab Pro Pricing

    One of the most costly nootropic supplements present in the market today is Mind Lab Pro which is known to support a massive range of promoting optimal brain chemistry and cognitive benefits like reduced overall brain health and to reduce brain fog, mental clarity, reduced mental fatigue, and a lot more.

    A bottle of Mind Lab Pro costs about $69 with rapid shipping. The company is offering 25% discounts while you are purchasing multiple bottles of this supplement with each bottle coming at the cost of $36.75 each.

    The company even promises fast shipping with about 30-days-moneyback-guarantee that offers you a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a nootropic?

    The nootropic comes in dietary supplement form containing ingredients benefiting the human overall brain health while the nootropics are taking several forms. The supplement is also known for promoting the health of the brain, improving focus and memory, boosting attention as well as concentrations, and even safeguarding against cognitive declines.

    How does Mind Lab Pro function?

    Mind Lab Pro review is noted as the nootropic supplement containing 11 active ingredients acting on several pathways in the brain offering cognitive benefits.

    How much should I take?

    The daily dose that is recommended is 2 capsules as you can safely consume about 4 each day along with increased demand with cognitive abilities.

    How safe is Mind Lab Pro?

    There are ingredients that are present in Mind Lab Pro that is scientifically-backed as the formula is free from caffeine, artificial additives, allergens as well as GMOs. Mind Lab Pro undergoes quality and safety checks that go into the manufacturing of the product.

    Closing Thoughts

    Mind Lab Pro Review states that this supplement is an effective brain health power enhancer offering you long and short-term benefits.

    The formula even claims to contain about 11 ingredients in the proper ratios to make sure that you enjoy optimal cognitive health irrespective of age. Additionally, Opti-Nutra even prides itself to manufacture the nootropic in FDA-approved GMP-certified facilities that would be meeting the guidelines of American health.

    Mind Lab Pro users also notes that it should never be consumed without any medical authorization and cannot be substituted with any kind of medical drug. It is also perfect when you are consulting a physician prior to the intake of the nootropics mainly when you are undergoing any mental or physical issues.

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