Homer Round Robin Rumble survives weather shakeup

The Best Western Bidarka Round Robin Rumble survived a winter weather shakeup to take place Saturday in Homer.

Soldotna, Homer, Nikiski, Kenai Central and Houston attended the meet, where the round-robin format gives wrestlers matches against as many different wrestlers as possible. There was no official team champion at the meet.

The Soldotna varsity, Soldotna girls and Nikiski were all supposed to be elsewhere, but couldn’t travel due to the winter weather. Mountain City Christian Academy, Service and Grace Christian were originally supposed to be in Homer, but couldn’t make it due to the weather.

Winning championships for the Stars were Sam Henry at 103 pounds, Carson Cobb at 112, Ryan Buchanan at 119, Jacob Strausbaugh at 125, Michael Dickinson at 145, Hunter Bras at 152, Trevor Michael at 160, Collin Peck at 171, Bowen Korth at 189, Jessica LeClair at girls 100, Valarie McAnelly at girls 107, Angelina Chavarria at girls 114, Rowan Peck at girls 120, Abriella Werner at girls 126, Alyssa McDonald at girls 165, Meg Roberts at girls 235, Harold Rudstrom at varsity A 140 and Ryatt Weed at varsity A 152.

Also for the Stars, Grady Abrams was fifth at 112, Andrew Fielden was third at 112, Jaden Carlyle was fourth at 112, Jace Gilliam was third at 119, Tustin Keller was second at varsity 125, Braze Cassidy was third at 135, Cody Coonrod was second at 140, Anthony Payne was fourth at 152, Nicholas Rackley was fifth at 152, Liam Peck was second at 160, Gage Trent was third at 171, Koda Lepule was second at 215, Kenai Lepule was fourth at 285, Elias Brantley was fourth at 285, Megan Whittom was second at girls 100, Taylor Whittom was third at girls 107, Kaytlin McAnelly was second at girls 132, Bella Byrd was third at girls 185, Infinity-Ann Asiata-Higa was second at girls 185, Paxton Roach was fourth at varsity A 140, Riley Vacek was second at varsity A 145, Leigh Tacey was third at varsity A 152, Nicholas Calhoun was fourth at varsity A 171 and Devin Fielden was third at varsity A 189.

Winning titles for Homer were Landyn Woods at 130, Justus Grimes at 135, Saoirse Cook at girls 132 and Roane Cook at girls 185.

Also for Homer, Luca Fitzpatrick was second at 103, Bryce Hagge was second at 112, Jadon Weisser was fourth at 119, Maxwell Herndon was fourth at 135, Paul Minke was second at 145, Brayden Woods was second at 152, David Webb was fifth at 160, Adgel Chandler was fifth at 215, Heather Shae was second at girls 107, Ryan Alcorta was third at girls 138, Asher Gagnon was fourth at girls 152, Bryce Glidden was third at girls 152, Zayne Adams was second at varsity A 140, Abram Donham was second at varsity A 152, Alexander Van Meter was second at varsity A 160, Tristan Overholt was fourth at varsity A 160 and Zachariah Anderson was fourth at varsity A 285.

Winning titles for Nikiski were Truit McCaughey at varsity 215 and Addison Perkins at 138 girls.

Also for Nikiski, Zander Stroh was third at 125, Thayne Quiner was second at 130, Mason Doth was third at 130, Wyatt Maguire was second at 135, Kaiden Parrish was third at 140, Trigger McCaughey was fourth at 140, Frank St. Denis was third at 152, Sam Yerkes was fourth at 160, Johnny Ralston was fourth at 171, Jackson Wittmer was second at 171, Robert Isabel was third at 189, Seth Payne was second at 189, Breaker Schmit was fourth at 215, Rex Wittmer was fourth at 285, Mayaac Schmit was fourth at 285, Paisley Maxwell was fourth at girls 107, Shyra Loomis was third at girls 126, Jade Hemphill was third at girls 132, Jorja Peppinger was third at girls 165, Elliana Isabell was second at girls 165 and Brody Nelson was fourth at varsity A 152.

Winning titles for Kenai were Daniel Steffensen at 140, Atlas Ruark at varsity A 160, William Roberts at varsity A 189 and Cecil Newcomb-Hammer at varsity A 285.

Also for Kenai, Jaxson Young was second at 119, Cody Holmes was fourth at 145, Alex Barajas was sixth at 152, Nathan Teates was fourth at 189, Brandon Blake was third at 215, Justyce Stockman was third at girls 114, Kayani Whicker was second at girls 120, Alicia Perez was third at girls 120, Isabella Asi was second at girls 138, Edith Watts was second at girls 152, Rusty Holmes was third at varsity A 140, Charlie Vermette was sixth at varsity A 152, Macalen Marion was fifth at varsity A 152, Leighton Wilshusen was third at varsity A 160, Jason Johnson was second at varsity A 171, Davis Deese was third at varsity A 171, Thaddeus Lingenfelter was second at varsity A 189 and Luke Cole was third at varsity A 285.