Homer swimmer breaks 3 records at state meet

Carly Nelson was voted Alaska State Female Swimmer of the Year

Homer High School junior Carly Nelson earned three state swim records for 17-18 girls in the 400-meter individual medley, 1,650-meter freestroke and 200-meter flystroke categories at the Alaska State Swimming Championship in Anchorage, April 27-30. She took first place in all of the additional events she competed in.

Homer’s Kachemak Swim Club brought a small team of five swimmers to the event that included 22 teams and a total of 322 athletes from communities across the state. Other athletes who participated were Etta Bynagle, Izzy Clarke, Evelyn Sherwood and Hunter Fry.

Fry placed second in the 1,650-, 1,000- and 500-meter freestroke categories and fifth in the 200-meter flystroke.