Husky girls take top 3 at cross-country invite

Homer’s Look Out Invitational ski race took place Jan. 18 on a sunny day at the cross-country trails by Ohlson Mountain in Homer.

Husky coach Andy Rothenberger said the middle school season is pretty short; the last race of the season is coming up on Feb. 17.

As for last week’s event, Rothenberger noted the wealth of talent and support shown by the community for the team.

“We have a lot of kids come out who are really new to skiing and we have quite a few volunteer coaches who help out, too,” he said.

He said everyone at the event skied “really well.”

“A lot of our skiers come into our program from Homer’s Junior Nordic so we’re starting to see the efforts of that program trickle into our schools. It’s really kind of simple to coach skiing with the supportive help and talent we have coming in, and their placing in the races really shows that. They’re doing great.”

The top three finishing girls in race were from the Homer team.

“Myra, who finished first, only had one pole,” Rothenberger said. “She fell down and was seconds behind the crowd as they were going up the hill and we thought for sure that she was going to be really unhappy and instead she harnessed that energy into anger and even though she lost the pole, she finished first.”

Girls Results

1. Myra Kalafut, Homer, 12:15

2. Etta Bynagle, Homer, 13:13

3. Freya Bartlett, Homer, 13:17

4. Olivia Tews, Kenai, 13:17

5. Kylie Smith, Soldotna, 1:24

6. Kailey Crouse, Kenai, 13:35

7. Rosemary Dura, Kenai, 13:41

8. Abby Ostrom, Homer, 13:43

9. Breckin Sulley, Soldotna, 14:03

10. Sophia Tews, Kenai, 14:04

Boys Results

1. Ollie Dahl, Soldotna, 9:40

2. Trevin Moore, Cook Inlet Academy, 10:37

3. Fletcher Darr, Homer, 10:43

4. Daniel Christ, Homer, 10:50

5. Eli Pancoast, Kenai, 11:04

6. Charlie Rustand, Homer, 11:20

7. Leif Laker, Kenai, 11:35

8. Tyler Tuia, Soldotna, 11:52

9. Gryffyn Linder, Homer, 11:54

10. Paul Wertanen, Soldotna, 11:58

16. Rhys Borland, Homer, 12:41

17. Laif Rothenberger, Homer, 12:45

18. Silas Hunter, Homer, 12:49

20. Ames Kincaid, Homer, 13:12

21. Arlo Hunter, Homer, 13:17

25. Rubis Gervais, Homer, 14:15

26. Asher Faucher, Homer, 14:31

35. Fischer Spurkland, Homer, 15:44