Alaska gas pipeline

Walker touts tax to push AK LNG

“I’m not trying to buy love. I’m trying to sell gas.” So declared Gov. Bill Walker in a press conference Friday as he explained to… Continue reading


October session on TransCanada buyout coming

It appears a fall special session is back on after Gov. Bill Walker met with a small group of legislators Sept. 21 to discuss issues… Continue reading


Governor seeking to expand pipe size of gas line from 42 inches in diameter to 48

Gov. Bill Walker has persuaded the state’s industry partners in the Alaska LNG Project to consider a larger pipe size that would be capable of… Continue reading


AG denies LNG plant sale to Hilcorp

Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards has rejected the proposed purchase by Harvest Alaska of a small liquefied natural gas plant at Port MacKenzie. In a… Continue reading

State purchase of Fairbanks gas company expected to shave rates

Nearly six months after the idea was announced, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority board of directors approved the $52.5 million purchase of Fairbanks… Continue reading

AGDC releases ‘offtake’ plans for large gas line

The state-owned Alaska Gasline Development Corp. has developed preliminary designs for “offtake” facilities that would allow communities to take natural gas from a large-diameter gas… Continue reading

Legislators may get last word on gasline

After a session spent dueling with Gov. Bill Walker over his plan to spend $85 million in state funds to increase the size of a… Continue reading

Consultants: State-led gasline project could undermine industry-led plan

Two consultants to the state Legislature have warned that Gov. Bill Walker’s quest for an expanded state-led natural gas pipeline could undermine the larger industry-led… Continue reading

Senate passes bill limiting state in alternate gas plan

JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would temporarily restrict participation by a state-sponsored corporation in an alternate gas pipeline project proposed… Continue reading

Legislators push back on Walker gas plan; industry takes wait-and-see approach

Just as things seemed to be going reasonably well for the large Alaska LNG Project, the $45 billion to $65 billion gas pipeline and liquefied… Continue reading

Federal pipeline coordinator’s office to close this month

JUNEAU — President Barack Obama has proposed $1 million in funding and a change in scope for the office of federal coordinator of Alaska natural… Continue reading

Analysis: Governor’s firing of 3 AGDC board members may backfire

The state’s political and resource communities are still buzzing about Gov. Bill Walker’s sudden firing Jan. 6 of three Alaska Gasline Development Corp. board members… Continue reading

Politicos dealt difficult hands to play in 2015

By Tim Bradner Morris News Service - Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and his new administration are still settling in as state legislators are packing up… Continue reading

Alaska LNG Project buys land, secures access around Nikiski

The Alaska LNG Project LLC has purchased 120.4 acres from private landowners for a large liquefied natural gas plant at Nikiski, has an additional 97… Continue reading

Group files application for license to export LNG

The consortium planning the big North Slope gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas export project has taken another big step. An application was filed Friday… Continue reading

Parnell signs Alaska LNG legislation

Gov. Sean Parnell signed into law the bill authorizing the state of Alaska to participate financially in proposed $45 billion to $65 billion natural gas… Continue reading

Chenault to propose AGDC amendment

JUNEAU — House Speaker Mike Chenault on Monday said he plans to propose allowing out-of-state residents to serve on the board of directors of a… Continue reading

Uncertainty surrounds muncipalities’ participation in LNG advisory board

Municipal leaders throughout the state say they are pleased with the development of the Municipal Advisory Gas Project Review Board, but participation concerns remain. The… Continue reading

Board to give municipalities voice in state LNG project

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell signed an administrative order Tuesday creating a municipal advisory board to weigh in on issues related to the major liquefied… Continue reading

Alaska Senate passes gas pipeline proposal

JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate has voted to advance a proposed trans-Alaska natural gas pipeline project. If approved by the Alaska House of Representatives, the… Continue reading