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February, the love month, celebrates Valentine’s Day the 14th and February 17th Kindness Day. This article will be published after the fact. Even after both days, it seems this message can apply 365 days of the year. At least we all might try this, and perhaps many in Homer do this as a matter of fact, such has been my experience on several occasion.

Pay It Forward: Can we make Homer even better in the New Year by expressing thanks, supporting each other?

Coming to the end of 2016 before winter solstice and basking in a white, fluffy, snowy day as occasional sun rays glow through the clouds over Kachemak Bay, it’s impossible to not think of people in Homer who give tirelessly of themselves to make this a place special in this amazing geography.

Reflection at this time of year deepens and grounds us, a necessary thing before the earth tilts on its axis.

Pay it forward: Kindness always pays

On one of those wet rainy days after Nov. 8, 2016, in the dark evening, I walked up to the Post Office feeling personally beaten. At the door, a young man stood holding the door for me and then went inside and opened the second door.

I was surprised. I thanked him and walked to my mailbox. It so happened his mailbox was a few boxes adjacent to mine. As I turned to leave, mail in hand, he greeted me with a smile and said that he had had a good day and needed a break from Facebook. We both did.

Homer Foundation fund will help honor teachers


ears ago I remember being at the chalkboard in mathematics class, my back to a class of students, and saying, “If you are going to write notes (this before cell phones and texting), you best do that between classes.”

Later a student asked how I knew and I remember saying, “A teacher and mother has eyes in the back of her head.” Another way to say this is a teacher sees with his/her heart, the way all of us see truth.

Adage is true: When you give, you receive

It’s December, it’s dark and more rain than snow falls. So what’s new? What can we focus on to brighten life a bit? Here’s a story about a volunteer who spread a little stardust magic wherever she went:

Cindy Birkhimer, a name some of you know, volunteered for the Homer Foundation for 3 years, approximately fours hours per week as the administrative assistant for Joy Steward, the executive director. This translates into being a little like the school janitor or school secretary, both who could run the school where they work. 

Purpose. Care. Give. Pick. Click. Give. allows Alaskans to pay it forward

It’s the season for Pick.Click.Give., the concept that we pay it forward and give to nonprofits of choice. This act satisfies the human need to give out of one’s abundance and also supports the saying, “It’s easier to give than to receive.” It also allows nonprofits to plan next year’s budget.

That said, I suggest we consider this idea. We give because we care, and we care because a purpose fuels why we care. Allow me a personal story.

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