Freshness says ‘summer’

A cornucopia of vegetables and greens are available at the Homer Farmers Market

Though it still doesn’t feel like summer, this Junuary still manages to grow and blossom at the Homer Farmers Market.

Last weekend was also abuzz with Concert on the Lawn. Jen King was at her booth talking with her friend Anna. They were heading to the concert after they left the Market, but for now Jen couldn’t help but notice that Anna was grazing.

“What is that you are eating?” Anna said she didn’t know, but she does know that there is always something that never makes it home from the market. She was snacking on the Asian greens she had just gotten from Twitter Creek. Jen went on to describe her favorite way to have those Asian greens as if she was describing the most precious, elegant, luxurious experience in the world. Lightly steamed, drizzled with olive oil, next to her eggs at breakfast.

Freshness is a luxury in Alaska. I had been asked by a friend who couldn’t make it to the Market to grab some salad fixings. Though she wasn’t feeling well, those fresh veggies were what she was missing.

Shopping for someone else is always fun. Knowing that these veggies are packed with nutrition since they are so recently harvested, my friend could only benefit from more, right?

She ended up getting some bok choy from WillGrow Farm. It was a debate as to what variety of the fresh, crunchy cluster she would get. Paul and Jen grow two varieties, one more succulent and the other a bit heartier.

Then there were the enormous piles of radishes and fresh salad turnips over at Rick Steffan’s booth to choose from. Then the gorgeous arugula or the spinach mix from Luba’s Garden. Add to that a bag of spicy salad mix from Hilltop Farm and a bouquet of flowers to cheer up the weary soul.

No matter how cool the weather, that bag of vegetables said summer.

So head on down to the Homer Farmers Market this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or Wednesday from 2-5 p.m. and see what freshness looks like to you.