Nick Varney

Anglers fish on July 15, 2019, at the mouth of the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon in Homer, Alaska. Rain fell over the weekend after a weeks-long stretch of sunny weather. (Photo by Michael Armstrong/Homer News)

Reeling ‘Em In: Learn the difference between kings and silvers

Although I haven’t seen much to get riled up about the return of the silvers to the Nick Dudiak Lagoon yet, I have noticed more… Continue reading


Nick Varney

Reeling ‘Em In: Mud Bay offers chance at halibut fishing — without the puking

Yesterday, I ran across some very cool couples from down San Antonio way who were travelling around the state chasing spectacular vistas and fish. They… Continue reading


Reeling ‘Em In: Snagamania starts at Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon

To kick things off, I’d like to sincerely wish all of you a very safe and pleasurable Fourth of July celebration. It’s cool to be… Continue reading


Reeling ‘Em In: Not even dinosaur-killing virus can stop Nick from his report

This column may be a bit shorter than usual because I’m sitting here at the computer with the Grim Reaper drooling over my right shoulder… Continue reading

Reeling ‘Em In: Bobber snaggers have skills of bread mold

I received an interesting batch of emails after last week’s report and most of them centered on the king return at the Nick Dudiak Fishing… Continue reading

Reeling ’Em In: Blackmouths getting bigger at Fishin’ Hole

Last week I wrote that the blackmouths being caught at the Spit’s fishing lagoon were fairly small tipping the scales at around 5 to 9… Continue reading

Reeling ‘Em In: Chinooks starting to hit at Fishin’ Hole

Last week I reported that the Fishing Hole’s chinook run had been about as productive as surface trolling from a ferry in high seas off… Continue reading

Fishing still good despite wacky weather

The weather was a bit schizoid over the Memorial Day weekend with Mother Nature experiencing sneezing wind fits trailed by intervals of sluggish air allowing… Continue reading

Reeling ‘Em In: River salmon fishing opens Saturday

This weekend officially kicks off the Homer News fishing column, Reeling ’Em In, where our vast and dedicated staff of an old goat and his… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: A different kind of gift

Dec. 11, 2018 nearly slowed my Christmas spirit roll to a complete stop when Old Man Winter suddenly showed up flinging copious quantities of freezing… Continue reading

Reeling ‘em in: Nick answers the big question: What’s so addicting about fishing?

Now that the tourists are in full migration south and the cranes are giving last minute flight training to their offspring, it’s time to close… Continue reading

Unhinged Alaska: Slip slidin’ away

Can you feel it yet? There is definitely something different about nature’s pulse and the actions of her minions. It started several weeks back while… Continue reading

Reeling ’em in: Silver fishing gives flash of fall

Now that we are teetering on the precipice of September’s slide into fall, it’s time to concentrate on the silvers entering some of our local… Continue reading

Reeling ‘em in: Setnetting is a memorable, mud-humping epoch

Every year, the opening day of the Kachemak Bay Coho Salmon Gillnet Fishery brings back some epic memories, especially about the first time we tackled… Continue reading

Reeling ‘em in:

Last Saturday the Nick Dudiak Lagoon was opened to snagging at noon and the weather was perfect for it. The coho cruising around inside were… Continue reading

Reeling ‘em in: Wear your PFD and learn to swim

I’ve been asked several times if I can recollect landing my first fish. Nope, although I vividly recall the procedures that I had to go… Continue reading

Reeling ‘em in: Silvers being snobby at the hole

I dropped in on my favorite fishing spot inside the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon to pick up a couple of silvers for the bar-b last… Continue reading