Learning new things at the Homer Farmers Market

Every week at the Homer Farmers Market I manage to learn something new.

I stopped by to pick up some knives from Grey Wilson and in conversation discovered that he has sharpened over 10,000 pieces, including knives of all kinds, scissors and blades. With his skill at sharpening, it’s no wonder that he includes a Band-Aid when he gives you your knives back.

Then I was talking to Willow Jones about her handmade brooms. She explained that she has to buy the material from Outside. As someone who intensely appreciates Alaskan culture and resources, she is still striving to find the perfect local broom fiber that is flexible yet stiff but not brittle. Who knew something as common as a broom could be so specific?

Talking to Aaron at the Citizen Salmon booth, I got to learn why it is so hard to find local seafood to buy. He buys his salmon, halibut and shrimp right off the boat and processes it himself in a facility. For a shopper this sounds awesome because there is nothing better than fish right off the boat, right? But for Aaron it means he has to have a stack of permits. It’s quite complicated for one single individual. We are super thankful that he has gone through it so we can have fish available every week at the Market.

It’s also interesting to hear what the latest is from the farmers. Lori at Synergy Gardens has an intern this summer who is a professional chef and has been broadening their horizons of things they can create with the bounty of the farm. She was discussing the finer points of her different herb salts with a customer who described a recipe for Syracuse Salt Potatoes. And so the learning continues.

At Jen and Paul’s booth, you may even learn some new puns. Jen pointed out that farmers are “out standing in their field” and a friend asked if they knew how to identify a dad joke. “It’s a parent.”

So head on down to the Market Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Wednesdays from 2-5 p.m. and see what makes you smile.