Pratt features dark secrets of Kachemak Bay

The Pratt Museum currently is featuring the exhibit “Museum Macabre: Darkest Secrets of Kachemak Bay.”

The show will run through Oct. 31.

“Some stories from Kachemak Bay have been lost to common knowledge, swept under the rug and into collections storage at the Pratt Museum,” according to a press release from the museum. “Now is your chance to learn about the dark days of our past through original artifacts and rare images”

On display are:

• Silver bullet casting molds from the werewolf outbreak of 1934;

• A taxidermy mount of the now-extinct native scorpion forest squirrel;

• Various and frightening specimens preserved stuffed (fanged hare and parasitic fish crab) or in alcohol (giant huntsman spidermoose and assorted viscera);

• Relics from the vampire wars of the 1970s, including impaling stakes, fangs, and desicated vampires (in bat form);

• The brain (cast) of a three-legged land whale; and

• A Kandorian “siren” eel extracted from Homer Pennock’s leg.

The museum’s gallery hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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