Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

The young people who participated in a brainstorming session with the New Library Project design team last week proved wise beyond their years. “I can’t say enough about these kids. I’m really proud of them,” said Catherine George, who as a library technician works closely with youth programming at the current Homer Public Library. “Every child there had something to say that really made a difference.” George selected each of the eight teens, ranging from 12 to 19 years old, for their long-standing history of library use. Their meeting with the team from ECI/Hyer last Tuesday was part of the architect firm’s three-day schematic design trip to Homer.

— From the issue of Feb. 26, 2004

30 years ago

Drinking fountains at McNeil Canyon Elementary, Chapman Elementary and Port Graham School were shut off last week after the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District found the schools’ water carried more lead and copper than federal rules allow. Lead at Port Graham, the most heavily contaminated school, ranged to more than 100 times the federal standard. All three schools have started using bottled water. Experts said the culprit is usually acidic water that corrodes lead and copper from pipes and faucets. Similar problems often occur in the well systems of local homes. Even the city of Homer is battling corrosive water from its treatment plant, which leaches lead and copper from pipes in homes it serves.

— From the issue of Feb. 24, 1994