Empire Stock Investor Citizen IPO Review: Is It Legit or Not

Empire Financial Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Empire Stock Investor. That campaign features Whitney Tilson inviting subscribers to a ‘citizen IPO’ program.

By subscribing to Empire Stock Investor today, you can purportedly get access to the hottest private companies in America before they go public. New subscribers also receive a bundle of bonus eBooks discussing SPACs, electric cars, and more.

Should you subscribe to Empire Stock Investor? What is the citizen IPO system and how does it work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the new Empire Stock Investor citizen IPO marketing campaign.

What is Empire Stock Investor?

Empire Stock Investor is a financial newsletter published by Empire Financial Research. The newsletter recommends stocks, discusses market news, analyzes recent developments, and provides subscribers with actionable insight into investing.

The newsletter is led by Whitney Tilson, a former hedge fund manager with 25 years of experience on Wall Street. After leaving Wall Street, Whitney Tilson now wants to use his experience to help ordinary investors make huge returns on investment.

Whitney claims some of his biggest investment wins have included buying Apple at $1.42 a share, Netflix at $7.78, and Amazon at $48. He also claims to be personal friends with many Wall Street legends. Today, he uses those contacts and his experience to spot new investment opportunities, sharing those opportunities with subscribers through Empire Stock Investor.

Empire Financial Research is headquartered in New York City. The company was founded by Whitney Tilson in 2019. Today, Whitney and his team of analysts publish several investment analysis newsletters online, including Empire Investment Report, Empire Stock Investor, Empire Elite Trader, Empire Elite Growth, and Empire SPAC Investor, among others.


What Will You Learn in Empire Stock Investor?

Empire Stock Investor is a stock-picking newsletter. Each month, subscribers receive new stock recommendations from Whitney Tilson and his team. Whitney researches investment opportunities using his Wall Street connections. He tries to find what the ‘inner circle’ of Wall Street traders is recommending next, then recommends similar investments to his subscribers.

As a subscriber, you receive one new issue of Empire Stock Investor on the first Wednesday of every month. Each issue includes new stock recommendations, market analysis, and discussions of investment opportunities.

Here’s how Whitney Tilson explains the benefits of Empire Stock Investor:

“In Empire Stock Investor, I tap into my invaluable rolodex to help everyday folks get the same kind of advantage I used to grow my firm from $1 million to $200 million over my Wall Street career.”

By subscribing, you get access to Whitney Tilson’s 25 years of investment experience. Whitney uses his experience and his connections to recommend the best opportunities to subscribers.


What is the Citizen IPO Program?

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Empire Financial Research has launched a new video presentation featuring Whitney Tilson. In that presentation, Whitney discusses a new investment opportunity related to a ‘citizen IPO’ program.

Whitney claims you can invest in the hottest companies before they go public for as little as $10 per share. Over the presentation, Whitney explains how it works, how you can take advantage, and how much money you can make from the opportunity.

Here’s how Whitney introduces the citizen IPO program:

“Right now, you have a chance to buy into one of the hottest IPOs of the year…For just $10.”

Whitney claims his recommended investment opportunity could deliver returns of 166% to 535%. Some of the biggest IPOs of 2020 saw gains of 369%, 535%, 147%, and 634%. Whitney believes his recommended opportunity could deliver returns “along the same lines.”

Anyone can participate in the citizen IPO program as long as they meet two simple criteria. Most investors meet these criteria, which is why Whitney is recommending that investors take advantage of the opportunity.

What Are Citizen IPOs?

Citizen IPOs are initial public offerings (IPOs) that occur before a public IPO. It’s a term created by Whitney Tilson. Through the citizen IPO system, you can buy shares of companies before they go public, then reap the rewards as the company goes public.

By subscribing to Empire Stock Investor today, you can learn more about citizen IPOs and how they work, including Whitney’s list of the most recommended citizen IPOs.

Whitney recommends investing in a specific citizen IPO company as soon as possible. He believes shares in the company will skyrocket in the near future, then surge more as the company goes public.

Although we can’t disclose the name of the specific citizen IPO company upfront, here are some of the things that Whitney has publicly revealed about the company:

  • Everyone is eligible to buy citizen IPO shares, although there’s an extremely short window to do so, typically a matter of weeks or days
  • Whitney expects the company to deliver returns of 166% to 643%, similar to the returns provided by the biggest IPOs of 2020
  • Whitney describes the citizen IPO opportunity as his #1 SPAC of 2021

Whitney claims traditional IPOs have a negative return over a one-year period. On average, someone who invests in IPOs will lose money after one year. Citizen IPOs, however, work differently:

“Within a year, the average traditional IPO has a negative return. “Citizen IPOs” are different…They allow the public in on the company while it is still private. And the company shares all of its financial data with investors ahead of time.”

According to Whitney, 231 consecutive citizen IPOs had positive opening day returns from November 2020 to February 2021. The average first-day return of all citizen IPOs in 2020 was 6%.

With a traditional IPO, companies are subject to tight restrictions on what they can say. With a citizen IPO, companies can put the numbers out there, then investors can decide for themselves whether or not the deal makes sense.

When participating in a citizen IPO, investors can get a prospectus from the company about the intentions, revenue goals, and current finances.

If you decide to invest in a company through a citizen IPO, you can typically get in for around $10 per share. Whitney claims there’s “a chance on a potentially huge gain” when investing at this amount.


How SPACs Work

Whitney calls them citizen IPOs, but everyone else calls them SPACs or Special Purpose Acquisition Company. The SPAC program has been around since the 1990s. It’s sanctioned by the SEC and encoded into law.


Here’s why Whitey calls SPACs citizen IPOs:

“I call them “Citizen IPOs” because unlike traditional IPOs, these private companies are open to everyone – regardless of status. In fact, they can be a great wealth equalizer. That’s because SPACs give the average Joe a chance to join the upper class – with a single click of the mouse.”

Typically, only the Wall Street elite can participate in pre-IPO funding rounds. You need to be a venture capital investor or accredited investor to buy shares of a company before it goes public. With SPACs, however, you can level the playing field, buying shares of a company before they go public.

To create a SPAC, the sponsors (a group of investors and business managers) hire an investment bank to go public by issuing shares. These shares are typically priced at around $10. Investors buy shares to raise cash, and these shares trade on public exchanges under a regular ticker symbol, just like any others. The sponsors have two years to find a private company to merge with, which takes the company public while avoiding the IPO process.

Because SPACs trade under a ticker symbol, you can buy them through a conventional exchange. You can buy them with your Robinhood account. You can hold them in your ordinary investment accounts.

SPACs sound complicated, which is why Whitney Tilson wants to simplify it. By subscribing to Empire Stock Investor today, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining how SPACs work, how you can make “a fortune” by investing in SPACs, and Whitney’s recommended SPAC plays for 2021.


How to Participate in the Biggest IPO of 2021 for $10 a Share

As part of the recent marketing campaign, Whitney Tilson and Enrique Abeyta tease an upcoming SPAC that could be the biggest investment play of 2021.

Enrique, who also serves as an editor at Empire Financial Research, claims he has spotted an investment opportunity that could deliver huge returns for investors in 2021.

In fact, Enrique claims he knew his recommended SPAC was a winner as soon as it was formed:

“As soon as the SPAC I’m currently tracking was formed, I knew it was a winner. If you buy a SPAC before it announces a deal, it’s for one reason and one reason only: Because you 100% believe in the management team – also knows as the “sponsors.”

Enrique claims his recommended SPAC is backed by a successful management company with a long track record of winning. Because of that management company, Enrique believes the SPAC will surge in value in the near future:

“…in a few rare cases, the management team is so good and has such a long history of success – the price runs way up long before they even name their target. And I think the same could happen with the SPAC I’m excited about today.”

Enrique is confident his recommended investment could be one of the biggest opportunities of 2021. To discover the name and ticker symbol of that SPAC, you need to subscribe to Empire Stock Investor today. All subscriptions come with an eBook called My #1 SPAC Today from Enrique Abeyta.

New subscribers also receive an eBook introducing them to SPACs for the first time, including how SPACs work and how you can get started with SPACs.


What’s Included with Empire Stock Investor?

As part of a 2021 promotion, investors receive a bundle of bonus reports discussing SPACs and other investment opportunities. You receive instant access to all of the following after buying a subscription to Empire Stock Investor:

12 Monthly Issues of Empire Stock Investor

On the first Wednesday of every month, editor Whitney Tilson sends a new issue of Empire Stock Investor to subscribers. Each issue features investment analysis, market news and reports, stock recommendations, and more. Whitney uses his 25 years of experience as a Wall Street hedge fund manager – and the connections he made along the way – to alert investors of the next big trends.


Research Report #1: Enrique Abeyta’s #1 SPAC Today

Enrique Abeyta is an editor at Empire Financial Research. He also has decades of experience running hedge funds and working on Wall Street. In this report, Enrique discusses a SPAC he’s targeting right now. Enrique believes this SPAC could be the biggest opportunity of 2021 because of its strong management team. SPACs are ‘citizen IPOs’ available through ordinary stock markets. In this report, Enrique lists the name and ticker symbol of the SPAC and explains how investors can take advantage.


Research Report #2: Whitney Tilson’s Two Favorite SPACs

In this report, Whitney Tilson discusses two more SPACs he believes could deliver huge returns for investors. Whitney started a hedge fund 13 years ago specifically to profit off SPACs. Today, he’s tracking two promising SPACs. In this report, he presents research on these two SPACs and explains how they’re such a big opportunity for investors.


Research Report #3: The Beginner’s Guide to SPACs

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are unique investment vehicles bought and sold on ordinary markets – just like any stock or asset. They’re like buying a publicly traded company before they’re publicly traded. In this guide, Enrique Abeyta explains how SPACs work, how ordinary investors can participate, and how to get started. SPAC investing isn’t complicated: you can buy and sell them from any brokerage account. However, good SPAC investing can help you earn huge returns.


Research Report #4: The #1 Way to Play the Electric Car Revolution

Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay. Tesla is no secret, but other EV companies and technologies are bound to arise in the future. In this report, the Empire Financial Research team lists one specific electric car company they believe will be a star for years to come. That company has unique and ground-breaking technology that will differentiate it from the competition. Once top car companies embrace this technology, batteries will become cheaper and electric cars will take off.

Whitney Tilson’s Daily

Whitney Tilson’s Daily is an email newsletter where Whitney Tilson shares his thoughts on markets between issues of Empire Stock Investor. Investors receive regular updates on market movements, news, stock positions, and more. Whitney claims his analysis can help steer investors in the right direction, “potentially making you a lot of money.”

Empire Financial Daily

Empire Financial Daily is a daily email newsletter that Whitney releases when markets close every day. The newsletter is written by Whitney and his team of analysts. You get daily reports on what markets did that day, what those movements mean for investors, and how to capitalize on market movements.

Deal Room Video Interviews

Whitney Tilson has conducted a series of Deal Room interviews with top names in the SPAC space, including Bill Ackman, Harry Sloan, and Jeff Sagansky.


Access to Past Reports & Recommendations

Empire Financial Research has released dozens of reports since launching in 2019. As a subscriber to Empire Stock Investor, you get access to all past reports and recommendations from the company.

Empire Stock Investor Pricing

Empire Stock Investor is priced at $49 for your first year, which is a 75% discount from the normal price.

After your first year, your credit card will be charged $199 per year until you cancel, and you will continue to receive new issues of Empire Stock Investor until you cancel.

Here’s how pricing breaks down through the new promotion offer:

  • One Year Subscription: $49 for your first year, $199 per year thereafter

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Empire Stock Investor Refund Policy

Empire Stock Investor is backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the information provided by Empire Stock Investor, or if you did not receive the information you wanted from the bundle of reports, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days of your original purchase date.

About Empire Financial Research

Empire Financial Research is a financial publishing company based in New York City. The company was founded in 2019 by former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson.

Backed by 25 years of experience as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street, Whitney aims to share investment analysis and stock recommendations with subscribers. He serves as chief editor of two Empire Financial Research newsletters, including Empire Investment Report and Empire Stock Investor.

Other key members of the Empire Financial Research team include Enrique Abeyta, who serves as editor of Empire Elite Trader, Empire Elite Growth, and Empire SPAC Investor. Abeyta has 20+ years of Wall Street experience. He also founded a hedge fund in 2007, growing the firm to $260 million of assets under management. Empire Financial Research also employs Berna Barshay (editor of Empire Financial Daily) and other analysts.

You can contact Empire Financial Research via the following:

  • Phone (Domestic): (800) 961-2618
  • Phone (International): (646) 609-8709
  • Mailing Address: 601 Lexington Ave, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Empire Stock Investor Citizen IPO Final Word

Empire Stock Investor is a financial newsletter from Empire Financial Research. Each month, subscribers receive new issues, stock recommendations, and analyses from Whitney Tilson and the team at Empire Financial Research. Whitney discusses market movements, investment opportunities, SPAC investing, and more.

As part of a 2021 promotion, Empire Stock Investor is available at a discounted rate of $49 for your first year. New subscribers also receive a bundle of bonus reports, including a report on SPAC investing and how it works.

To learn more about Empire Stock Investor, the #1 SPAC of 2021, and more, visit the official website today. All memberships are backed by a 60-day refund policy.

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