Probiology Gut+ Reviews: Is It Legit?

The human body is home to millions of microorganisms, mostly bacteria. Probiotic supplements help live bacteria to stay within the body, particularly innate bacteria, which are challenged by poor lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, medicines, and so on. Probiotics can be ingested through food sources, but it can be difficult to take them on a daily basis so it is wise to take them as supplements.

Probiotics have greatly influenced immune function, digestion, weight management, and many other things. In addition to the numerous probiotics available on the market, there are also substandard probiotic supplements claiming to provide effective results without any proven strains.

Probiology Gut + is a new dietary supplement that contains a unique combination of probiotics and prebiotics. It is a proven formula that offers 250 times more survival rate than standard probiotics.

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Product Name Gut +
Manufacturer Probiology
About the product Gut + is a new probiotic supplement that contains four live bacteria strains that are effective in boosting immune function, digestive system, weight loss, and more.
Ingredients Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Paracasei, fructooligosaccharides, and MAKtrek
Key Highlights
  • Aid in better digestion and gut health
  • Reduce bloating, constipation and other stomach issues
  • Enhance
  • Money Back Guarantee 100 days
    Price $35.99

    What is Probiology Gut +?

    Probiology Gut + is a unique probiotic and prebiotic supplement designed specifically for women. Gut + is made by women for women and contains proven bacteria strains to enhance overall health and wellness.

    The probiotics in Gut + are more potent and better than those in standard probiotics. The manufacturer claims that this supplement reaches the gut faster, providing various gut health benefits.

    Gut+ contains both probiotics and prebiotics making it a powerful probiotic supplement to support gut health. Probiology Gut+ includes many benefits such as an improved digestive system, better immune function, reduced bloating, and alleviating stress, among many others.

    As we all know that your gut plays an important role in overall health, weight loss, skin health, digestion, and yeast growth. So if you are looking for a powerful tool to promote gut health, Probiology Gut + is an ideal choice.

    Additionally. Probiology Gut + contains inulin, a popular prebiotic that boosts the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics is fiber sources that feed the gut with good bacteria.

    Both probiotics and prebiotics work synergistically to offer multiple gut benefits, so whether you look for a probiotic supplement to boost immune function or digestive function, Gut + is an excellent choice.

    By only taking two capsules of Gut + daily, you can reduce bloating, stress, anxiety, lose weight and improve digestion.


    What are Probiotics?

    According to WHO, probiotics are live bacteria, usually referred to as good bacteria. These live bacteria are similar to those found in the digestive tract. In the form of dietary supplements, probiotics are available in pills, powder, liquid, and tinctures. Such probiotic supplements contain numerous live bacteria and different strains of bacteria proven to improve gut health.

    Naturally, probiotics are available in many food sources, especially fermented food items like yogurt, kimchi, etc. All are rich in probiotics that support digestive and immune function.

    Now without further discussion, let us move to working and ingredients of Probiology Gut +.

    Working of Probiology Gut +

    Gut+ works by providing good bacteria to your gut health. It is a perfect blend of living bacteria (probiotics) with fuel (prebiotics) to help bacteria survive and thrive in the gut.

    Your gut contains different strains; gut + provides beneficial bacteria from four different strains to promote gut health. For a healthy gut, a balanced microbiota has to thrive in the gut.

    These living bacteria break down the food, pass harmful toxins from the body, and further support health and wellness in many ways.

    Unfortunately, many of us fail to have balanced microbiota in the gut. An imbalance of bacteria levels leads to multiple health issues like weight gain, bloating gas, poor immunity, or constipation.

    By providing a combination of live bacteria and prebiotics fuel to the gut, Gut + helps in better digestion, vaginal health, and skin health and offers multiple health benefits.

    What Makes Gut + Unique?

    You may find hundreds of probiotic supplements that claim to provide multiple health benefits. You may be wondering why you should order Gut + and what is a unique point Gut +?

    Here are some of the points that make this formula different from other probiotics.

    Offer More Probiotics

    When taking Probiology Gut +, you allow your body to provide more probiotics to the gut. According to the manufacturer of Gut +, 96% of probiotics don’t make it to your body. When taking any standard probiotic supplement, you are wasting the active ingredients. Your stomach can destroy most bacteria before it reaches the gut. As per experts and Probiology, breaking down such ingredients early leads to various problems like imbalance vaginal flora, poor digestion, constipation, and low energy, among many other issues.

    But with the help of Gut +, the active ingredients reach the gut before it leads to the breaking down process. It tends to make more probiotics in the gut effectively.

    High Quality over Quantity

    You will find many probiotic supplements that offer millions of probiotic central forming units CFUs but fail to provide high-quality bacteria strains. Probiology Gut + works on a different approach, only the best and clinically proven bacterial strains are used in the formula with a correct amount of CFUs. Every serving of Gut + offers 40 billion CFUs with four live and powerful bacterial strains. The manufacturer uses the right bacterial strains at the right dosage to work effectively to support women’s gut health.

    MAKtrek Bi-pass Technology

    Because of the patented seaweed technology, Gut + offers better absorption than other probiotic supplements. The supplement uses advanced technology that protects the active ingredients until they reach the gut. MakTrek Bi-Pass technology, derived from seaweed, protects the bacteria from stomach acid till the time it is in the small intestine. This technology ensures the gut gets maximum good bacteria with less wastage.


    Your gut needs a perfect balance of probiotics and prebiotics for better gut health. Prebiotics play an important role for probiotics to thrive and survive. Prebiotics contain different fiber that feeds probiotic bacterias in your gut to thrive. The manufacturer has added prebiotic fiber in Gut+ to provide nourishment to the probiotic bacteria.

    Stronger Dosage

    Gut + contains a much higher number of probiotic bacteria than competitors. As we mentioned above, Probilogy focuses on quality over quantity; the supplement is more potent than any other probiotic supplement present on the market. By serving 40 billion CFUs, it makes a stand-out position among all leading brands of probiotic supplements. Although only high CFUs do not tell the complete story, as compared to other probiotics that serve between 1 billion to 20 billion CFUs, 40 billion CFUs seem to be outstanding.

    What is inside Gut +?

    Probiology has considered four potent and different bacteria strains to enhance the effectiveness of probiotics. Every serving of Gut + offers four specific bacteria strains, which are well combined with essential nutrients to provide multiple health benefits. The four live bacteria strains offer 40 billion CFUs in each serving without causing any stomach issues.

    The following is the summary of four bacteria strains.

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a type of bacterial strain that you may find in many probiotic supplements. It helps to promote vaginal flora, balances out good gut flora, and reduces the symptoms of IBS.

    Lactobacillus Paracasei

    Lactobacillus Paracasei has been proven to reduce inflammation from all over the body, making it an effective strain to fight against various diseases like cancer and heart disease. It is one of the beneficial bacteria strains responsible for better immunity, reducing inflammation, and promoting skin health. This strain boosts the immune system, further responsible for fighting against viral and bacterial infections. Lactobacillus Paracasei also promotes skin health by reducing redness and irritation.

    Bifidobacterium Lactis

    Bifidobacterium Lactis strengthens the gut lining and is responsible for the faster absorption of nutrients of ingredients. Good bacteria in a gut allow the better breakdown of the food, resulting in a better digestive system—the main goal of Bifidobacterium Lactis is weight loss by promoting the weight loss process and better digestion.

    Lactobacillus Plantarum

    Lactobacillus Plantarum is proven to help with stomach problems, including constipation, bloating, and cramps. It has been shown to improve bowel movements by reducing the bad taste in the mouth that may happen due to diarrhea and constipation.

    Fructooligosaccharide (Prebiotic Fiber)

    It is a unique fiber that promotes the nourishment of good gut bacteria and helps probiotics thrive.

    Patented MAKtrek Bipass Technology

    Gut+ contains MAKtrek to improve the absorption of probiotics in the body. This technology results in capsules that do not break down by the stomach’s digestive system. The patented MAKtrek Bipass technology provides a protective layer to the capsule, which allows the probiotics to be usable in the stomach. Usually, when the probiotic is released from the stomach to the digestive system, it can break down and release the probiotics in the body, making it effective as a safeguard that ensures better absorption of bacteria.

    Overall, Gut + contains a blend of proven probiotics and prebiotics that provides 40 billion CFUs. It is a real probiotics formula for women.

    Benefits of Gut +

    Probiology Gut + contains effective and potent bacteria strains to provide maximum probiotics and prebiotics to the gut for healthy gut health.

    Let us explore its benefits:

    Boost Immune Function

    When there is an imbalance of good bacteria and normal flora, it could lead to illness and poor immunity. Probiology Gut + contains four live bacteria strains that help healthy immune function and protect the immune system from various viral and bacterial infections. It protects the immunity against possible infections. Gut+ boost friendly bacteria in the gut that control most infections.

    Combat Stress levels

    Gut health is important for overall health and wellness. Better gut health can directly impact our physical, mental, and emotional health. Probiotics are proven to regulate serotonin levels, that further regulate mood and reduce stress levels.

    According to experts, probiotics contain proteins that help to maintain mood and combat stress. By taking Gut +, you can experience feeling much happier than before. Gut+ help in controlling the serotonin levels to reduce the risk of high stress and anxiety levels.

    Better Digestion

    Digestion is an important part of overall health that requires the healthy nutrients to make it work effectively and efficiently. Gut + allows the body to absorb all nutrients without any hassles. Probiology contains four live bacteria strains that help to break down the food quickly without causing bloating, gas, or irritable bowel syndrome.

    Weight Loss

    The most popular benefit of probiotic supplements is they help in weight loss; similarly, Gut + helps to lose extra fat by reducing cravings and breaking down the food more efficiently through easy bowel movements.

    Probiotics are popular these days, and for a good reason. According to studies, Gut + helps in curbing appetite while aiding in weight loss through regular bowel movements.

    Boost Energy and Focus

    Gut health has a direct impact on mental health. There is no doubt that poor gut health leads to poor mood or low energy. The gut influences your energy level and how you think. The gut microbiome plays a critical role in brain chemistry, affecting your moods, stress levels, anxiety disorders, etc.

    Better gut health optimizes bacterial balance to improve mental clarity. Probiology Gut + helps in increasing energy levels, at the same time, improves cognitive functions and memory retention.

    Improve Skin Health

    Your skin health depends on how effectively your inside body can protect the skin from outside elements. To promote skin health, Probiology Gut + contains a unique bacteria strain known as Lactobacillus Paracasei, which helps to promote healthy gut bacteria for healthy skin.

    Scientific Evidence of Gut +

    According to the official website of Gut +, Probiology cites multiple studies that show the benefits of Gut+. Although Gut + has not completed clinical trials like other probiotic supplements, the individual bacteria strains added to the formula have completed the trials.

    Here we review some of the scientific evidence that supports the working of Gut + ingredients.

    To start with, MAKTrek is created by Probulin; it is a 3D delivery system. It is called 3 D because it safeguards the ingredients in three different ways, they are:

    1-D- Two-Step Acid Protection

    The manufacturer has made GUT+ with patented MAKTrek Technology. The bacteria are protected and covered with brown seaweed extract, which is called complex marine polysaccharides. When a user takes the capsule, the stomach acid dissolves the capsule. But with Acid protection, the protective layer of marine polysaccharides keeps the ingredients intact and safe. It protects the living bacteria from acid.

    2-D In Transit Buffering

    MAKTrek uses a natural buffering system for supporting digestive transit conditions. Probiotics need proper balance, so MAKtrek balances the live bacteria for better absorption.

    3-D Additional Safeguards

    MAKTrek advanced technology comes with additional protective layers to deal with environmental elements that could affect the survival of live bacteria.

    According to studies of Probulin, MAKTrek is verified to protect live bacteria from stomach acid and various environmental elements. MAKtrek has proven to effectively protect live bacteria from stomach acid and help in faster absorption.

    Another study by the National Health Institute shows probiotics can help in better digestion, boost immune health, destroy disease-causing cells and provide essential nutrients to the body, among many other benefits of probiotics. Probiotics tend to work effectively as they provide strains already present in the body.

    Harvard Health research and studies found that probiotics are linked to many benefits, like the treatment of ulcerative colitis, vaginal infections, yeast infections, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and eczema, among many other benefits.

    Probiotic Gut + is a proven and scientifically backed probiotic supplement for women. The manufacturers of Gut + made realistic and valid claims supported by scientific evidence. The company is honest about its benefits and transparent about dosages.

    Price of Gut +

    Gut + is exclusively sold on its official website and is priced at $35.99 for each bottle. Although, you can save more money by ordering more than one bottle for Gut +.

    The following are the packages:

    • One bottle is priced at $35.99 with free US shipping
    • Three bottles of Gut + are priced at $ 107.97 with free US shipping
    • Six bottles will cost $215.94 with free US shipping

    Each bottle contains 60 capsules, making it suitable for 30 day’s supply.


    Bonus Included With Gut +

    The manufacturer of Gut + offers two bonus e-books with every purchase of Gut +. The following are e-books.

    10 Simple Immune Boosting + Detox Teas

    This digital e-book contains various proven detox teas that you can make at home, which help you to remove all toxins from the body. Also, all teas help in boosting the immune system.

    Jump Start Gut Health in 7 days

    It will guide you best to boost immunity and gut health in seven days.

    Refund Policy

    All purchases from Probiology are backed with a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product or unhappy for any reason, claim a 100% refund within 100 days of its purchase.

    • Submit a form: Click here
    • Email: support@probiology.com.
    • Mailing Address: Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, G4 0LF, United Kingdom

    Final Words

    Probiology Gut + is a newly launched gut health supplement designed to solve many digestion issues. It is formulated for women and uses four bacteria strains to balance gut health, enhance immune function, weight, etc.

    To enjoy the benefits of Probiology Gut+, click here to order your supply now! >>>


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