SpinalTrax Reviews – Does Spinal Trax Lumbar Traction Device Work?

SpinalTrax is a lumbar traction device that promises to offer rapid sciatica and back pain relief. At the same time, this device is said to restore the natural spinal alignment and correct postural imbalances so its user can stand tall and walk with more confidence. This means no longer using painkillers that have side effects and might damage health in the long run. What’s also great about this product is that it comes at great prices, but more about this in the last section of this review. For now, let’s see how SpinalTrax works and which its best features are.

How Does SpinalTrax Work?

SpinalTrax is a device that should be placed under the lower back and turned on so that it can start its pulse therapy session. This massage and decompression therapy pillow helps restore the posture and eliminates back pain very gently. It shouldn’t be compared with spinal belts that have their users standing up straight in their chairs for hours because it has nothing to do with such therapy methods and is much easier to use.

SpinalTrax Features

Here are the best features of SpinalTrax as the product’s manufacturer presents them:

Dynamic Traction Therapy for the Spine

Through dual air decompression and traction, SpinalTrax relieves spinal pressure and allows the muscles of the back to relax so that tension is reduced and the user can move again without any pain.

EMS Massage Therapy for the Entire Body

This device uses Electrode Massage Pads (EMS) and can be placed on any part of the body. This means it works to massage the legs, the arms, the shoulders, and the legs too. However, it impressed many people so far with the way it’s been helping to deal with sciatica and eliminate back pain dynamically.

Adjustable Heat

According to the manufacturer, SpinalTrax can also be used to heat the back or areas that are cold. The device has 3 different heat settings, which means it stimulates blood flow in different areas of the body and especially the back, to relieve muscle spasms or eliminate joint stiffness.

Low-Frequency Pulse Therapy

SpinalTrax helps with getting rid of sciatica by sending low-frequency pulses to spinal nerves, especially the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down into the legs.


How to Use SpinalTrax?

SpinalTrax’s manufacturer recommends using this product for only 10 to 15 minutes a day while relaxing at home with a book or when watching TV. On the other hand, SpinalTrax doesn’t have too large dimensions and is portable, so it can be taken to the office or when going on vacation too. The best thing about it is that it’s effortless to use every day.

What Do People Say About SpinalTrax?

The SpinalTrax official website features many positive reviews from people who have used this product. One of these reviews was left by Josh Hern, who works in construction and was helped by SpinalTrax to make his work more bearable. Josh used this device for only 2 weeks and says his life completely changed ever since.

Jacob Olson got convinced to buy SpinalTrax after coming across the product online by contacting customer support to find out more about it. After seeing how nice the customer service agent was to him, he decided to buy the product, which now he says made a real difference in his life.

And there are many such reviews on the SpinalTrax official website, as people are amazed at how this product saved them from back pain or sciatica. Besides, SpinalTrax comes at very affordable prices for now too, but more about this in the section below.


How Much Does SpinalTrax Cost?

Anyone can order SpinalTrax from the product’s official website, provided they have a valid credit/debit card or accounts with other payment methods such as PayPal or Google Pay. The prices at which the device is being sold for now are:

1 SpinalTrax for $120

Ultimate Neck and Back Relief Bundle, which includes 1 SpinalTrax + 1 Serene Neck Saver at $159.95

Optimum Body Massager Bundle, which includes 1 SpinalTrax + 1 Serene Neck Saver + 1 Serene Cupping Massager, at $219.95

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee included in these prices for all products. SpinalTrax customer support can be reached by sending an email to:

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