Adage is true: When you give, you receive

It’s December, it’s dark and more rain than snow falls. So what’s new? What can we focus on to brighten life a bit? Here’s a story about a volunteer who spread a little stardust magic wherever she went:

Cindy Birkhimer, a name some of you know, volunteered for the Homer Foundation for 3 years, approximately fours hours per week as the administrative assistant for Joy Steward, the executive director. This translates into being a little like the school janitor or school secretary, both who could run the school where they work. 

She served refreshments, dusted, vacuumed, entered data, updated data bases, filed documents, and the list goes on. She worked with a smile and lightness of heart that added sunshine in a room even on cloudy days. She was consistent, on task until whatever needed to be done and accomplished in a specified timeframe, was. She was trustworthy with sensitive donor information and given more responsibility in time. She derived personal satisfaction in doing a good job. She appreciated the Homer Foundation’s service to the whole community in support of local nonprofits. In addition she volunteered for Kachemak Bay Conservation Society, the Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association and the Pratt Museum. 

Tireless, she gave until she and her husband moved to Florida this fall due to his new employment, and we all feel the gaping hole she leaves in this town. 

The Homer Foundation distributes money regularly to nonprofits for various projects. The amount distributed depends on the committees’ understanding of how many children/people will benefit from the grant, knowing the money multiplies and pays goodness forward in this community.

If you are interested in giving gifts of time or money, creating a fund that will regularly give, or an endowment, contact Joy Steward at the Homer Foundation ( or 235-0541). Talk to any member on the board or past board member to feel the spirit of giving. There are many ways to give. It’s contagious. 

Giving people like Cindy are contagious. If you wonder what to do with your time this winter, give to someone, volunteer for an organization of your choice and give big, give freely, pay it forward, then watch what happens. The goodness gathers itself like a huge snowball and creates not just a snowperson, but also a whole town of giving snowpeople.

Just do it. Give, watch the magic and feel gratitude of magic in your life. Cindy did.

Flo Larson is a board member for The Homer Foundation.

Nonprofit Needs

Homer Community Food Pantry:

Needs fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy items, powdered milk and toiletries (toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrushes,  bar soap, shampoo, deodorant and laundry soap).
Contact:  Food Pantry at 235-1968.
Homer Council on the Arts:
Board Members
Volunteers for Marimba Madness Fundraiser Committee
Someone to shovel steps early in the morning after a snow storm
Quickbooks for Non profits wiz for consultation

Haven House:
Personal sized toiletries
Toilet paper
Healthy snacks
Gloves and socks (all sizes)

Hospice of Homer
needs a computer savvy volunteer who ask of professional data base knowledgeable.