Alaska doesn’t need new taxes

I wish to express my strong opposition to House Bill 182 and Senate Bill 97.

At $17,000 per capita,  Alaska has  the most expensive  state government in the union. I am certain that every employed Alaskan would be happy with a small fraction of that  much government.

What Paul Seaton, Click Bishop and the Utopians in Juneau fail to understand, is that we do not need and cannot afford a socialist welfare state.

While the Legislature  was busy squeezing the distributed largesse from the  federal government and the oil companies, most of us didn’t bother caring too much.

Now is the time to end this wanton waste, before it  is  asked to  come from  our personal checkbooks.

 We do not need new taxes, we  do need to  put the brakes on the gravy train.

 Dean Ravin